How to be more involved in your child’s education

As a parent, it can feel like your child has a separate life at school to the one they have at home, particularly if your child is uncommunicative. Getting more involved with their education might help open up the lines of communication between you and your child, whilst also giving you a good insight into what they’re getting up to and the kind of things they’re dealing with at school. This prep school in the South West outlines some ways you can participate more actively in your child’s education. 


Volunteering opportunities

See what volunteering opportunities are available at your child’s school. You might be able to help in the classroom supporting children with learning difficulties or become a reader. See if you can help out with fundraisers or other PTA activities or accompanying the children on school trips. That way you’ll get to see what really goes on at school and gain insights into how you can support your child more at home. 

Keep in touch with teachers

Parent’s evening is a great opportunity to learn how your child is doing at school, but you can contact their teacher at any point in the school year to ask questions or get feedback. You don’t have to wait until you’ve noticed a problem to contact the teacher. Communicating with the teacher regularly will reveal which subjects your child might need additional support with at home, or which areas they are thriving in so you can expand on this. 

Show an interest

Ask your child questions about their learning and show an interest in the subjects. You could even tell them how you learnt at school, which might be different to how children learn today. Ask them if they’re finding anything particularly difficult and if they would like some support from you at home to overcome these challenges. You could also ask which subjects and topics they enjoy the most and make time to explore them further together. Try asking open-ended questions which will encourage your child to expand on their answers and really think about things, rather than dismissing you with one-word answers. Keeping communication open in this way will show your child that you’re always there to support them and that you’re interested in their school life. 

Getting involved in your child’s education will show them that school is important and something you can share together, rather than them feeling like it’s something they experience alone.

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