5 Things Every Mum Needs at Night…

After a day that started at the crack of dawn (or if you're a mum of a newborn, at 4.30 am possibly), then got busier and crazier with the school-run and toddler groups and tantrums and after-school classes, and then … Continued

Half-term(inated) fun!

September was a tough(ish) month, as the start to Little Man's new school was a bit difficult. There were tears and fears and a lot of pleading and appeasing. But I learnt how to effectively manage those tearful drop-ofs and by … Continued

Overheard: Seven common school-run conversations

  Once your toddler progresses to a pre-schooler, it begins. No, not the tantrums – (those begin at the brink of turning two) – but the equally-dreaded school run. It's something you will have to face every morning and every afternoon … Continued

The #itsok challenge: Ditching the Mum Guilt

I'm loving the #itsok challenge that Jennie from the parenting blog Rice Cakes and Raisins has started. It's a mission to make us fellow mums feel a bit better about ourselves, our parenting skills (or lack thereof) and to reassure each … Continued

The gobbledegook post

Don't you often (always?) feel like your mind is one big gobbledegook mess? Thinking about at least five different things at one time. Concentrating on one thing but reflecting upon three other things at the back of your mind?     … Continued

Mumspeak #2: Your top Mom Pet-Peeve

Welcome back to the second edition of #Mumspeak. If it's your first time here, #Mumspeak is a monthly series where I put forth a parenting-related/ mum or dad-centric question, and invite parent bloggers to give their honest, unadulterated answers/ views/ … Continued

10 things I learnt while moving house

Earlier this year, I penned a post Why buying a house is similar to raising a kid. Then, after months of searching for the perfect house (and going bonkers in the process), we found our 'dream home' (looks dreamy in … Continued

10 ways you know you're a Mum of Boys

No introduction needed for this one. If you're mothering a boy, you will just KNOW these. And relate! 1. Farts are the centre point of your son's existence, and the source of most jokes 2. You will find yourself saying … Continued

Top 5 Toddler Pet-Peeves

Ok, five might be a small number when it comes to a list of annoying/ difficult things we mums have to go through while bringing up our little monsters cherubs. There's the big one – pregnancy and childbirth – to … Continued

'A fart came out of my mouth' and other gems from a 3-year-old

If you've been following my blog posts about Little Man's developing vocabulary, you would know by now that some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is exhilaratingly funny (as is the case with most toddlers). If this … Continued