Mumspeak #2: Your top Mom Pet-Peeve

Mom Pet Peeve

Welcome back to the second edition of #Mumspeak. If it’s your first time here, #Mumspeak is a monthly series where I put forth a parenting-related/ mum or dad-centric question, and invite parent bloggers to give their honest, unadulterated answers/ views/ opinions.

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This week is all about your TOP mom PET-PEEVE. We all have them, and some are special ones only mothers can relate to. So sit back and feel the itch  enjoy!


Mom Pet Peeve


Claire from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

My pet peeve would have to be advice. As soon as you become a parent the whole world and their dog has advice for you. Complete strangers impart their wisdom. It fills my facebook news feed. One piece of advice totally contradicts another. Everyone is an ‘expert’. Opinions are stated as fact. Seldom is the advice asked for. It all gets a bit much. It’s overwhelming and feeds into the mum guilt. It makes us doubt ourselves and question our instincts. If I want advice on something I am perfectly capable of asking a friend / expert / google. But enough already!

Dawn from Rhyming With Wine

Motherhood for me has opened my eyes to a whole world of pet peeves, many of which can induce such levels of trauma that only a cake can help. Number one for me so far has to be trying to have a tiddle in public. (Me. Not the kids. They apparently have no issues with this practice.) You know the drill. You go out with your baby and you need a wee (because your pelvic floor was left behind in the delivery suite apparently) and so you enter a public toilet. You then have to decide between: Leaving the pushchair outside the cubicle while you tiddle (with the door open so that you can watch the baby), trying to hold your baby on your knee while you tiddle, or using an accessible toilet which will generally either not exist or exist but be locked. An occasional pushchair friendly cubicle would be nice. That’s all I’m saying!

Kristin from Four Princesses and The Cheese

Snack city. I cannot deal with one more freaking snack request. I swear I spend 99% of my life standing in the kitchen handing out cheese sticks and animal crackers. My kids will still be chewing their dinner and ask for a damn snack.

Siobhan from Pass the Wine Please

I’d have to say sippy cups – they’re my nemesis! Forget the Atlas Stones; the climax to this year’s World’s Strongest Man competition should be two guys working their way down a row of the bloody things trying to prise off the lids without getting absolutely soaked – it’s impossible!

Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris

My top mom peeve is totally the kids’ ability to know when you are about to sit down and eat or drink something hot. They ruin it so you end up having it cold!

Prabs from Absolutely Prabulous

There are two that really stand out for me:
1) I’ve never in 13 years of motherhood understood the competition/agonising about the ‘next stage’ that exists with some people. I’d take my little ones to playgroups and take deep breaths as various mothers announced how proud they were that their child was eating/crawling whatever and then pointedly asked what mine had ‘mastered’. I honestly didn’t care with any of my three what age they did what because I knew they’d eventually get there with everything. As long as they’re healthy and loved, who on earth cares what age your child is when they first talk/walk/etc? And now thanks to social media, I’ve lost count of the number of posts I see announcing a child’s fantastic school report or pupil of the week certificate!
2) Manners. I live in a country where common courtesy such as the use of please, thank you, pardon, excuse me and queuing is simply not part of the culture, especially when it comes to raising kids. There is a prevailing attitude of kids will be kids and shouldn’t be disciplined. Part of me often wonders if I had the wrong strategy focussing on raising polite, considerate children and may have unwittingly put them at a disadvantage now they are up against ‘me first’ kids who have been taught to simply take what they want in life at the expense of others’ feelings.


Albertina from Nursery Whines

Since becoming a parent I have discovered there are a lot of new obstacles to my daily life that I had never even considered would be an issue. But as my baby has grown into a demanding toddler I think my Number One niggle has to be never being able to finish a conversation. I am on the phone to my mother, in the middle of relaying a hilarious anecdote, and just as I am getting to the punchline a sticky little hand tugs at my skirt and interrupts. Or I meet up with friends and they are telling me their important news and suddenly my daughter runs off across the park towards the pond at the speed of lightening and I have to chase after her. I look forward to the day when I can once again finish a…

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  1. kristin mccarthy

    Thanks for the feature lovely 🙂

    1. Nicole

      Glad to have had you! And I soooo agree on the damn snacks!!!

  2. absolutely prabulous

    Ah thanks for including my rambling whinge! I’m sure we could think up an entire book of parenting peeves couldn’t we?! xx

    1. Nicole

      Absolutely! Thanks for being a part of #Mumspeak; hope to see you again soon

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