Mumspeak #1: What does Motherhood mean to you?


Welcome to the first edition of #Mumspeak, where I put forth a parenting-related/ mum or dad-centric question, and invite parent bloggers to give their honest, unadulterated answers/ views/ opinions.

Being a mum blogger and Tales from Mamaville being a blog about motherhood, I’m kickstarting this series with a seemingly simple, yet complex-when-you-think-about-it question: What does Motherhood mean to you?


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Motherhood is not a destination, it’s a journey – the most exhilarating, tiring and challenging one you’ll probably ever embark upon. And it’s a long, long one – beginning from the time you see that ‘positive’ line and never really ending. Because our babies will always be our babies, even when they’re 21!




Sarah from Mum Muddling Through

Motherhood has, for me been a process of throwing my life up in the air like a thousand balls. With a little juggling, a little bouncing off track, they have landed in a place that makes my life, and me, almost unrecognisable to my former self. That, surprisingly, is something I have become totally fine with. I’ve come to realise motherhood is a total blessing; not a given.

Lucy from Leaning In

What does motherhood mean to me? What a simple question, yet it feels so hard to answer! Motherhood is an unexplainable love and joy – you have to experience it to understand it. Motherhood is providing comfort to my daughter in a way that no one else can. Motherhood is being calm and patient, following my daughter’s needs and helping her on her path through life while accepting that she is her own person with her own needs, wants and desires. Motherhood makes my heart beat a little faster, my face smile a little bigger and my soul sing a little louder.

Sarah from Run, Jump, Scrap

Motherhood to me is completely overwhelming love and caring about someone else so much, you can’t describe it. It’s realising you were never actually tired before children and also realising you were a bit selfish. It’s all consuming, 24/7, amazing, hilarious, frustrating, exhausting and just the best thing I have ever done.

Zoe from A Tale of Mummyhood

To me motherhood means loving and providing for my children. It means working hard to give them everything they need, for the best possible start in life. Motherhood is my reason to live. If my girls are happy, I’m happy!

Lucy from Lucy at Home

Motherhood means a big shift of priorities and sense of identity. You’re no longer just you; you come as a pair (or more if you have more kids). There are times that you frustrate each other and get wound up, but the love you share is unshakeable. All your choices are swayed and influenced by the knowledge that you have a little one who depends and dotes on you. Motherhood means uncertainty and worry, as you desperately want to do the best you can for your precious charge. But it also catapults you into the centre of someone’s universe! There is no feeling on earth like having a toasty little hand squeeze yours for guidance and reassurance and love.

Aleena from MummyMamaMum

Motherhood is about learning to take joy from the smallest of things. Motherhood for me has meant accepting that a constant strive for perfection only leads to burnout and unhappiness. Accepting and embracing my own imperfections, the imperfect moments, the imperfections of those around me; all of this has led to a happier, less stressful life for us as a family. So I suppose for me, motherhood means acceptance.

Meagan from The Mum Project

Now that is a big question, Motherhood is everything. When you are in it, it’s all encompassing. It consumes you the moment you join the club. It’s not always good, it can be dark sometimes. I think of it as a virtual reality game that you jump in and out of – as I am a full-time working mum, sometimes I am fully engrossed in motherhood and other times I am in a completely different world, speaking in front of a group of business professionals arguing my case, yet there is still a glint in my eye, a soft vision of my son smiling. You can’t stop it, it’s a force you will never escape.
I have loved and hated being a mum. I really struggled in the beginning, I’m not proud to say this, but I absolutely hated the first three months. I did not want to be a mum. I was sad, angry and confused. It was almost like I was grieving over my old self. I had to become somebody completely different to who I thought I was going to be. But once I adapted and my son became more on a routine, I saw the light. I saw that I could be a different, better me. A more loving, flexible, stronger me. And now I think, being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Michelle from The Muddled Mother
Motherhood has been my biggest challenge and also my biggest achievement. I had to sacrifice a full time wage, my figure, my free time, but I gained so much more in return. I am now unconditionally loved and I also unconditionally love others. My choices and decisions are always thought out and include my two children. I have learnt to be selfless which has taught me so much about myself. Being a mother has made me a stronger, more caring and a more inspired person. I now have two people who need me to fight for them and be strong for and that makes me feel pretty special. Motherhood has made me feel guilt like nothing else has and it has made me shed many tears, but my heart also feels it could burst with love. It’s an emotional rollarcoaster at times and you have to take the good with the bad, but it has changed me, shook me to my core and has made me become the woman I always wanted to be.
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  1. Aleena

    Wow, these are some seriously amazing responses to such a seemingly simple question! Brill xx

    1. Nicole

      Indeed… motherhood is so challenging, wonderful, exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. It teaches us and changes us so much.

  2. The Mum Project

    Thanks so much for sharing my response : ) It’s so interesting reading everyone’s view on motherhood, it sounds like were all on the same page lol : )

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for being a part of it…

  3. Lucy At Home

    There are definitely some common themes running through these responses. It’s really interesting to hear other mums’ thoughts on it too. Likening it to a virtual reality game is something I can really understand. Thank you so much for letting me take part. It was great to have a chance to reflect on such an important question. Great post and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!

    1. Nicole

      Thanks so much for your sweet comments Lucy. Thank you for being a part of this inaugural post and welcome to be part of the series again:)

  4. Michelle

    Thank you for sharing my response x

  5. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

    Such honest responses. It’s such a hard one to put into words. One of those things that you cannot understand until you are in it.

    1. Nicole

      Agree. Motherhood can only be experienced, not explained…

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