Top tips to make your living room come alive!

The living room is the one room in the house that is used all the time, by every member of the family. While it becomes the ‘family room’ in the evenings – or on weekends – when everyone gathers around to watch TV/ play games/ catch up on each other’s day, it then transforms into a lounge space by night, when you cosy up on the sofa with a book, the remote or your partner! It’s also the entertainment hub when guests are over. So it’s essential that your living room is both cosy and classy, and more importantly, bright and beautiful. These simple tips will help you achieve just that…


1. A feature wall

A feature wall adds colour, individuality and life to your living room. Choose a wall that stands out and isn’t hidden by too much furniture – then make it yours. Either choose a bold colour that contrasts with the rest of the room or choose a character wallpaper. If you want to personalise it, do so with a photography backdrop, photo frames or paintings.

2. A striking carpet

Feel your living room is a bit ‘boring’? Or has gotten stale with the same look over the years? Invest in a striking carpet and see how it changes the entire feel of the room. Go bold with colour and design if your living space is muted, or choose a luxe faux fur to add an element of sophistication. If you want it to be the talking point of the room, or just want something to really stand out, a Persian rug is a great idea.


3. Sash windows

Traditional sash windows give a more homely feel to your living space, besides adding character and light to your house. You can further accessorise them with pretty curtains or plants and accessories on the window sill.


4. A fireplace

A traditional wood-burning hearth becomes an instant eye-catching feature in your living room, but it can be time-consuming to light up, messy and dangerous (with little kids around). A great alternative is an electric fireplace – there are now a host of fancy ones available that look snazzy, feel cosy and double up as a heating system as well.


5. Wall art

Nothing turns heads more than a striking piece of art. A painting not only changes the entire vibe of the living room, but also becomes the talking point at social gatherings. It needn’t be an expensive masterpiece by a famous artist – it just needs to be something that reflects you and your taste and matches with the rest of the decor. You’ll be surprised at some of the amazing artwork by lesser-known artists, even street artists.

6. Flowers

Flowers add instant colour and vibrant energy. An indoor plant or a vase of flowers is always a nice feature and emits happiness and a lingering floral scent. But if, like me, you’ve not got green fingers, you can still fake it with artificial plants and flowers, some of which look just as great!


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post but all ideas and tips are my own


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