How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

The bathroom is both, one of the least cared for yet most essential rooms in our house. When we think of renovating and home decor, we don’t consider the bathroom; yet we use it everyday and without realising it do spend a considerable amount of time in it! It’s the first place we go in the mornings, it’s where we freshen up for the day and wind down for the night, and nothing is more calming after a stressful and tiring day than to relax in a warm bath.

So if you want to make your bathroom feel more inviting, prettier and serene, yet don’t want to spend a lot of money, then here are a few tips on getting the bathroom you want on a budget.


1. Vinyl flooring

Let’s face it, you do tend to look at the floor of a bathroom more than you would like (as the walls are usually covered with cabinets/ shower area etc) and when you’re on the toilet, where else do you look?! So while you might like the look of expensive marble-finish tiles or sleek porcelain tiles, they can be over your budget. Opt for vinyl flooring instead… you’ll be surprised at the variety and choice of designs available.

2. Shower/ Bath replacements

Again, replacing your whole shower unit or putting in a new bath can be expensive; instead, just make a few replacements which will jazz up the area. A shower replacement or a bathtub liner can give a fresh, new look to your shower area/ bathtub at a portion of the cost. With these options, you can switch things around every couple of years when you feel like getting a new look for your bathroom.

3. Accessorize the walls

Yes, you can decorate and accessorize even in your bathroom. Shelves are the best (and most practical) things to accessorize the walls of your bathroom. Not only do they add character but are also useful for storage. If you’ve got a plain or unused wall, hang a painting there. It will instantly brighten up the space. And dot your cabinets and shelves with little plants (even artificial plants) which will certainly add warmth and coziness to your bathroom.

4. Aroma for the senses

And last but not the least, scented candles and diffusers add the finishing touches to your bathroom-on-a-budget remodel. A pretty home appeals to all the senses, so why should your bathroom be any different? Get lost in the scents and smells of flowers and other fragrances, as you enjoy that relaxing bath.

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