Tips to get your family bathroom organised

Most family bathrooms are a bit cluttered and often untidy. If yours is like this and you want to sort it out, fret not. Read on and try these suggestions: they are all really easy to implement and none of them are going to cost you a fortune.




Install a bathroom cabinet

Investing in some new cabinets for your bathrooms is a good starting point. They are a great way to hide away those items that you absolutely have to have close at hand. It is a good idea to choose one that has adjustable shelves. This will enable you to make full use of the cube.

The under sink kind are ideal for storing towels, spare toilet rolls and other extras like soap. It is also a good spot for a first aid kit. However, don’t forget about safety. You do not want very young children to be able to get hold of scissors, antiseptic creams or medicines. If you’ve got little children, the first aid kit and any medications should be stored higher up out of their reach.

Buy a set of drawers

For some families, a set of drawers can be a good addition to a bathroom. Provided each drawer is deep enough, items like shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser can be stored in them. You can assign a drawer to each member of the family. If you do not have enough drawers, insert a divider so that two people can use them.

Pretty display jars

For items that look nice, like soaps or coloured cotton balls, mason jars are a good option. You can even buy some glass paint and decorate them. Again, think about safety when deciding where to locate them.

Install a big towel rail

A heated towel rail is a fantastic way to heat your bathroom. Plus, it will help to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Sort out the kids bath toys

The one thing that makes a family bathroom look the most untidy is the kids bath toys. It is great to see them having fun when they play in the bath, but when they are not in use they really get in the way.

In most cases, the best approach is to pop them into a bath net when the kids are done with them. These nets have suckers attached to either end. When bath time is over you just gather up all of the toys into the net and stick it to the wall over the bath. The toys then drip dry. If you want to make your own (just for some fun and to add a personal touch to your family bathroom), you can learn how by clicking this link.

Once you have your bathroom neat and tidy be ruthless about keeping it that way. If you start to let your older kids leave their shampoo and other products out, things will soon return to how they were. Every few months go through your bathroom and remove any items that are not used every week. You can either throw them away or keep them somewhere else.

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