5 reasons my 5-year-old makes me age…

I used to be thin. And have clear skin. And thicker hair. Then motherhood happened and the pounds started piling on, the hair started falling (thank you pregnancy!!!) and the dark circles started to appear (thank you a child who is not too fond of sleeping!). And then the added stress of looking after and caring for a little human came along. Which I aced, over time. I learned to deal with the public tantrums and food fusses. The sleepless nights (coffee is my answer…) and the teething stage.

But, I soon realised that each stage comes with its own challenges and stresses. It. Never. Ends. So, here are some reasons my almost 5-year-old makes me age…



1. He sometimes still insists on being carried. Yes, you read that right! When he’s ill/ tired/ sleepy/ hurt. That’s 15+ kilos that I’m walking around with – no wonder my back aches and my knees creak.

2. He does seemingly-dangerous antics in the playground. I’ve previously written about how the playground is often akin to a battlefield and my little warrior often scares the s**t out of me. Like the time he climbed up the biggest slide in the park (via the slide not the steps – why do ALL kids love doing that?!) and fell flat on his face, landing up with a bleeding (thankfully not broken) nose. I had to walk through the park and drive all the way home with blood all over my hands! Aged a LOT that day.

3. And don’t get me started on the stunts at home itself! Jumping from the sofa which led to a broken arm, deliberately missing steps while walking running down the stairs, jumping on the bed, playing pretend-fighting games on playdates… the list goes on!

4. The bedtime battle. Every night. The reason for many a grey hair…


Its ok to... ditching the mumguilt


5. Fatigue. Constant fatigue that started in 2013 and going by what other mums tell me, it’s not going to get much better! Yaaaaawn.



So I might still be on the better side of 40, but there are times I feel much, MUCH older… creaking bones, hair fall, dull skin and exhaustion. But I guess that’s the ‘Motherhood package’, isn’t it?


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