How to capture an old-meets-new interior style in your home

Picture of a living room that blends old and contemporary interior design styles

Knowing how to achieve the perfect balance between old and new in interior design is a skill in itself, but with the correct styling choices and an understanding of what makes each style so unique, you can create a stunning aesthetic within your own home. Combining classic period features with contemporary design is a look that many homeowners aim to achieve, as not only does it look classy, but the warm and welcoming atmosphere really helps to turn a house into a home. 

The kitchen: The heart of the home

Starting in the kitchen, the heart of the home, you can really capture an old meets new feel with a contrast in furniture choices and materials. For those lucky enough to introduce alcoves to the space, you can really give an iconic old country-style feel, adding depth to the space without taking away from the overall style. Using materials such as brick and rich wood combined with a fresh colour palette of whites and creams will marry the old-meets- new idea perfectly, giving the right balance.

You can also really bring the kitchen to life with some key hardware choices, as choosing the right finish and metal can really enhance that contemporary feel which will complement your traditional choices beautifully. Take a look at the different cabinet hardware options available at Buster & Punch to see which you could incorporate into your own décor, taking both colour and finish into consideration. 

Image of a kitchen that blends old and modern interior design styles

The living room: Cosy, comfortable and chic

When you think of a traditional old interior style, you instantly think of a warm, cosy environment that makes you feel right at home. Similarly, when people think of contemporary interiors, it’s often more of a fresh, vibrant feel that combines modern furniture pieces with bright colours, so you want to combine the two to really create a sitting room that’s comfortable and warm yet contemporary. Make the most of traditional materials such as stone and wood, often utilised through the flooring within the living areas, then compliment these with chic metal finishes through an iconic log burner, grand mirrors and other essential fittings.

If you don’t like the idea of having a wood burner in the living room, you can still keep the space cosy and have old meeting new perfectly, with the right type of column radiator. You can opt for one with a raw metal or anthracite finish to give a unique look from the radiator or go really old school with cast iron. Have a look at some of the examples at Trade Radiators to get an idea of how versatile you can get with a column radiator.

The bedroom: Intimate and personal

Your bedroom should be the one space in the home that you can escape to and relax in, and with the right interior style you’ll be able to do just that. Capturing an old-meets-new aesthetic within the bedroom can be quite an easy achievement, as the moment you add crisp linen sheets with some bold scatter cushions, you’re already on your way. Think about the different materials that make up the bedroom, from glamorous curtains to the comfiest bedding and really combine both traditional and contemporary styles. Similarly, you can work with timeless oak furniture pieces and inject a modern twist through eye-catching light fixtures and so on.

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