Four tips to create the perfect gallery feature wall in your home

I love decorating and re-decorating our home. Mostly because I love reading articles on home decor and browsing the stores for cute and quirky items to display on the shelves and walls. And while I am not an artist, I have always appreciated art and photographs and love them dotted around the house. Paintings and prints just add so much colour and vibrancy to a space!

It is my dream to have a gallery feature wall showcasing all my favourite collectibles mixed with some treasured family photos, and I’m working towards accomplishing that. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to create a gallery feature wall in your own home.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Fine Art America and all images used in this post are from their website, unless stated otherwise. 



1. Theme or kitsch?

Before starting off on your wall art project, it’s important to decide whether you want to stick to a particular theme or let your wall be a mix-and-match of different interests, mediums and collections. There is no right or wrong here – this is your gallery wall for your home so let it reflect your taste and that of your family.

If you choose to stick to a theme, here are some options:

A collection of artwork by a particular artist or photographer


, Underwater by Enric Gener


A collection based on a place, object or colour



Artwork, canvasses and prints all on the theme of yellow 


A collection based on a particular style or medium

Abstract art 

Of course, if you prefer an eclectic, kitsch look then you can opt for a mix of different styles, colours, artists and mediums. You could even add some photographs, art prints and illustrations into the mix.


2. Decide on a layout

Now that you’ve decided on what kind of art you want on your wall, it’s time for step two – deciding on a layout or arrangement for your work. Take inspiration from other gallery walls you’ve seen, either in someone’s house or on the Internet. Then plan it out either mentally or draw it out on paper if you want a more visual representation. After all, you don’t want to be covering up holes in the wall later!


Image: Pixabay

3. Framed or frameless

Another aspect to consider is whether you want the works of art to be framed or frameless, or a mix of both.

There is no dearth of choice of frames, so if you decide to go with frames you can choose from a wealth of styles from modern to simple to ornate to floating to deep-set frames and more!



4. Leave room for change…

Tastes change over time – sometimes, we tend to evolve in our artistic preferences or we just feel like a decor change in our homes. So don’t be so fixated about the art on your feature wall or it’s layout. Leave room for change and additions. Re-arrange and swap with other artworks around your house – this will give a breath of fresh air to your wall. Let it grow with you and your family, after all, isn’t that the essence of having your own personal gallery wall?

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