Signs you’re suffering from a kid’s party hangover (that you hosted)!!!

If you’re a parent of a child up to seven years of age, you will know a lot about children’s parties. You would probably have hosted a couple yourself and would definitely have been to more than half of your child’s classmates’ parties. (Read my Mum’s guide to school birthday parties for some very handy tips). But did you know even seemingly innocent kids’ birthday parties can leave you with a massive hangover, especially when you’ve played host?

Here are five sure-fire signs that you are a victim of a kid’s party hangover:

1. The exhaustion hits you REAL HARD the next day/ in the coming days. You have been running around like a headless chicken planning every little detail for the past few weeks (the venue, the entertainer, the cake and the food, the party bags and everything else in between) that you don’t realise how tired you actually are.



2. Your child aka the birthday boy or girl is on a sugar rush for the rest of the day (kids parties have far too many treats, from the cake to the juice to the little Haribo packets/ lollies they win during party games to the packets of sweets thrown in the party bags). And dare you tell your child to stop – it won’t go down too well!

He or she is also on a birthday high for the rest of the day/ week and any requests to do anything they are not fond of will be met with: “But it’s my birthday week”. And you can’t argue with that!

3. There will be gifts strewn all over your living room, some unopened, most opened. Demands to help make the new Lego or do the new puzzle must be met immediately because a) it is their birthday week and b) they are on a sugar rush and cannot be reasoned with. Oh, and did I mention your exhaustion doesn’t really go away?


4. Your paper and cardboard garbage bins will be overflowing with ripped apart wrapping paper and boxes of Legos, puzzles, games and toys. You secretly hope the paper garbage collection is this week and not the next.

5. You and your family will be forced to eat leftover sandwiches for the rest of the week. As a snack. For lunch. For dinner. As an after-school snack. Toast them, grill them, make them into fun shapes but the sandwiches must be eaten.

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