Hacks for effective Mom-Admin

Being a full-time mum comes with lots of responsibilities. People assume it’s a breeze, being at home all day, but we know that’s far from the truth. You probably find life quite exhausting sometimes, juggling the numerous priorities of school, housework, extra activities and general well-being of the family.

When it comes to ‘Mom-Admin’, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Whether it is doing the daily school-run, helping kids with school assignments, cleaning, cooking, sorting out paperwork, fixing dentist appointments or working part-time, we could all use a life hack or two that helps in cutting down the amount of time you spend on momlife-admin.

Hire a personal accountant

When it comes to personal finance, there’s no definitive textbook on how to manage your money. While we all take advice from various people in our lives – our partners, parents or friends, for example – at the end of the day it’s down to you to decide how you manage your cash. 

But with great power comes great responsibility, and it is always useful to get solid professional advice when it comes to your finances. That’s why hiring an accounting expert like James T. Crane can help you spend less time pouring over financial records and tax forms, and more time focusing on the things you love.

Make smart use of technology

Nowadays, most life hacks involve using technology to make your life easier. After all, that’s what technology was invented for, right? Here are just a few ways you can use your everyday gadgets to hasten your mom admin!

Use your smartphone calendar

Many mums still use traditional wall charts to help them keep track of all the kids classes, doctors appointments, family outings and anything else that’s important. However, using your smartphone calendar or a planning app can drastically improve your organisation and prevent you from missing important appointments!

Set reminders

Daily reminders on your phone can easily help you keep track of daily tasks. This could be something as simple as ‘defrost dinner’ or something more important like ‘give X medication’. The point is, when you have to remember and do a hundred-and-one tasks, it’s easy for things to slip your mind, so set reminders and go about your day stress-free.

Batch-cook meals to save time

This tip is pure gold. We all want healthy, home-cooked meals for our families every evening, but it’s not always possible to do so. Instead of dishing out fish fingers again, or ordering a pizza, try batch-cooking meals (cook larger portions and freeze for another meal). This way, on days when you have no time to cook, you can still enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal!

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