How to raise a confident child

It’s important for children to have confidence in their abilities in order for them to overcome obstacles, socialise, engage in classroom discussions, and generally just succeed in their academic and personal endeavours. Some children are naturally confident, while others need a little extra support from their parents. Here’s some advice from an independent college in London.

Provide a positive home environment

Your child’s home environment and the way in which you talk to them will have a huge impact on their confidence. You should regularly remind your child that you love them no matter what, and that you are there for them to talk to whenever they need to. Try not to put too much pressure on them to succeed, because this will make it harder for them to deal with failure.

Focus on effort, rather than the end result

Praise should be an important part of your everyday family life, but only if they truly deserve it. If you praise your child unnecessarily it will lose its meaning. So, if you see your child working hard on a piece of homework, let them know you are proud of them for putting in a lot of effort. However, if they are simply doing something fairly normal and mundane, like brushing their teeth, there’s no need to say well done. 

Avoid being hard on your child when something doesn’t go to plan, as this will only emphasise their insecurities. For instance, if they don’t get the grade they were hoping for on a recent test, try and put a positive spin on it by letting them know that there’s always an opportunity to try again.

Provide your child with a sense of responsibility

You should also think about giving your child some achievable responsibilities around the house. This will show them that you trust them and will help them learn that they are capable. Start off small, like setting the table every evening before dinner, and then slowly make the tasks more challenging. As a result, your child will become more confident in their abilities and taking on new challenges.

Encourage your child to pursue their interests

When a child is genuinely interested in something, they will likely feel more motivated to continue pursuing it and trying their best. Perhaps you could encourage them to join an extra-curricular activity of their choice, which will enable them to develop various transferrable skills and potentially even make new friends (depending on the hobby). As they become increasingly more proficient at a particular activity, they will start to develop a sense of pride and satisfaction, contributing to their overall confidence. 

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