How PR agencies can create meaningful partnerships with bloggers

PRs have always been an integral part of my career. Prior to becoming a blogger, I was a journalist, so my relationship with PR agencies has been long-going. PRs and journalists/ bloggers are like two sides of the same coin – one can’t function effectively without the other. Which is why it’s crucial that there is a meaningful and productive partnership between the two.

PR agencies – The middle-man between brands and bloggers

If a blogger wants to write about or partner with a particular brand, one way is to approach the brand directly. While that does work sometimes, it’s the more long-winded approach and can sometimes just get you going in circles. You might not know the correct person to get in touch with, or might not have their correct email address, or, he or she might just let your email sit pretty in their inbox because, a) they are so busy and b) it is not their job profile to be dealing with bloggers!

However, if you know the PR agency or better still the exact PR who manages that brand’s account, it will be much easier to procure the work with the brand. The PR acts as the middle-man and does all the pitching and negotiating of prices, so you can concentrate on your work more!

Niche-specific PRs

PR, as a career option and as a field, has grown leaps and bounds in the past decade. It is now a full-fledged industry in itself, with agencies even doing niche-specific work. So if you’re a beauty blogger, it makes sense to start a working relationship with a skincare PR company, for instance. Or if you blog about food, you need to know the PR companies that have food and drink clients. This makes it easier for both, bloggers and PRs to target the right content.

Different types of partnerships

The blogger-PR relationship need not be restricted to just writing about a particular client or brand or product. With the rise and rise of social media, there are now a number of options for collaborating. Some of the most popular ones include guest posts, sponsored content or link placements, affiliate marketing, reviews and social media exposure. The latter could range from a Facebook post to a tweet to an Instagram post or even an Instagram reel. The options are endless, so see what best benefits both the PR (client) and you.

Keep in touch!

The key to forming a long-term working partnership with a PR is to keep in regular contact. Of course the PR will get in touch with you should a new collaboration opportunity arise, but it will do you no harm to send them a friendly email every once in a while, or even a polite one asking if there is any possible work lined up. Often, PRs are inundated with blogger requests and you could have slipped down the radar. A short and sweet ‘reminder’ every couple of months will ensure you’re always top of the list for relevant opportunities.

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