Getting school-ready with My NameTags: Review plus Giveaway

I've always been one to plan ahead (sometimes far too ahead), but I prefer to have tried and tested rather than be done and dusted! So while I know Little Man won't start school till September, I can't help thinking about all the boxes he we have to tick to get school-ready (be able to dress themselves, eat an entire meal by themselves etc etc). And of course the big to-do list for me. One of which is labelling uniforms, jackets, lunch boxes and water bottles. So I thought I'll get ahead of the game and test some name tags and stickers (Little Man anyways needs his uniform and snack box labelled at nursery), so come September I'm not scuttling around finding the perfect name tag!


My Nametags
have been kind enough to give me two sets to try out – the stickers and the iron-ons – and I'm pleased to say "Job done!!!" The stickers were so easy to design online, arrived much quicker than expected (the next day – perfect if you're the last-minute kind of mum) and the iron-on ones have been a dream to well, iron on!

What are your choices?

There are a number of different types you can choose from, depending on your needs and budget. There are stickers and iron-ons in colour or black-and-white, though of course you can do a lot more with colour! There are also some specialised designs like Hello Kitty and Mr Men and Little Miss.

The colour stickers are the most versatile as they can be used on clothes, shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles and well, anything that lets you stick! (£11.95 + £1.00 delivery for 56 x Colour Stickers)

The colour iron-ons have a limited use (can only be used on clothes) but are worth it in the long run. They iron on to any clothing in a matter of seconds, and claim to have a 10 year washing guarantee. I haven't used mine for 10 years obvs but after three washes, they haven't creased or shredded at all and still look as good as new! (£11.95 per set of tags + £1.00 delivery for 56 x Colour Iron-on labels).

The black-and-white stickers are not suitable for clothing but are perfect for lunch boxes and bottles as they are dishwasher proof. (£11.95 + £1.00 delivery for 180 stickers)

The black-and-white iron-ons also have a 10 year washing guarantee and you can get 120 iron-on labels for £11.95 + £1.00 delivery.

There is also a mixed set of the black-and-white stickers and iron-ons (75 stickers and 75 iron-on labels for £11.95 + £1.00 delivery).

So whether you need a label for clothing, shoes, stationery, lunch boxes or water bottles, there is a name tag that fits the bill!

How do I choose my design?

It's really so simple and user-friendly (I let Little Man choose his own design)

1. Choose the type of tags you want

2. Type in your child's name (and additional details like telephone number if you wish)

3. Choose a font and font colour

4. Then choose from a wide range of designs from cars and trains to pirates and princesses; and butterflies and flowers to balloons and teddies

5. Lastly, choose a background pattern

So, would I recommend My Nametags?

I certainly would. Great product, great service and both Little Man and I are happy!

PS: You can use My Nametags for all these purposes…


Disclosure: I was given the name tags to review; however, all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Aleena Brown

    I have so much love for MyNameTags stickers! Anyone who knows me will know I don’t iron haha, but the stickers are a total dream!!!

    1. Nicole

      Yes so useful and love how simple the design process is!

  2. Andrea Upton

    These look really easy to use and colourful too, so simple to just iron on!

    1. Nicole

      You're right on both accounts!

  3. Stuart

    We have some labels but they keep peeling off – will have to give these a go. Thanks #dreamteam

    1. Nicole

      Let me know what you think! Thanks for popping over:)

  4. Five in the hive

    I have three children and two already have these stickers from My Nametags, they're brilliant. I would love to win some of these for my 3rd child too. 🙂 #Coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      They are fab, aren't they?! Thanks for commenting:)

  5. MMT

    These are brilliant – I definitely need to get some in for the mouse for next September! School cardigans go missing A LOT!

    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      These are great Sarah. Give them a try.

  6. The Tale of Mummyhood

    These are great, perfect for a new starter! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Nicole

      Yes, adds to the excitement of starting school:)

  7. Jo - Cup of Toast

    These are great looking stickers. So handy to have ones that you can use on multiple material types too. Thanks for sharing with #Blogstravaganza 🙂

    1. Nicole

      True that. These are not just pretty, but practical too!

  8. Heather Keet

    I absolutely love these, the iron on is fabulous! I think I’m going to order some for my nieces, they are forever getting their clothing mixed up and then arguing over who’s is whose. #DreamTeam

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, sisters and their fights over clothes;)

  9. Tee Simpson

    These would be so handy for my girls for school and gymnastics. Love the idea

    1. Nicole

      Great, give them a try, they are lovely!

  10. Sarah | Digital Motherhood

    Mynametags are great, we've used them since my daughter was at nursery and they're great quality #Blogstravaganza

    1. Nicole

      Great to hear that:)

  11. Laura Kevlin

    Love these! We're running out of my eldest daughter's ones and she decreed that the plain old boring name ones were rubbish and that she wanted fun picture ones like my youngest had so would love to win some for her 🙂

    1. Nicole

      Good luck then:) Thanks for popping over!

  12. Crummy Mummy

    Our youngest started nursery 3 weeks ago & I still haven't sorted out her name tags! #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      Then I hope this post is useful:)

  13. Gill Mitchell

    Definitely one of the best label brands. Thanks for running a fab giveaway, fingers crossed!

    1. Nicole

      Good luck and thanks for reading:)

  14. Natalie Crossan

    These would be so useful for my daughters school stuff 🙂 x

    1. Nicole

      Yes, they are very very useful! And fun too…

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