Get floored: The benefits of vinyl flooring

Here’s an interesting fact: vinyl flooring could last through a lifetime. Yes, it might seem unbelievable but it’s true. When choosing a flooring option for your forever home, you don’t want to fall for a fake promise or end up with a product that you’re going to have to replace every year or so. 

There are many reasons why vinyl flooring is the number one choice for homeowners and interior designers, and if you’re not yet familiar with the benefits, here are a few things worth knowing…



Short term cost

Money makes the world go round, but is your budget putting your head in a spin? With vinyl flooring, cost need not be an issue. While it is advised you avoid any price tags that seem suspiciously cheap and attached to a low-quality product, you also don’t want to pay the earth for decent flooring.

With vinyl flooring you get quality and style at a fraction of the cost of authentic wood and tile flooring, and you don’t need to worry about other types of damages costing you later. 

Durable for decades

Vinyl flooring saves you money due its incredible durability. It contains anti-moisture and scratch-resistant properties which work round the clock to protect the under layers of your vinyl flooring for ultimate durability; and no extra cost of having to re-coat, varnish or replace your flooring.

More time to live your life

Once you install vinyl flooring, you’ll find your cleaning cupboard rapidly decreasing in the amount of cleaning products you require to maintain your vinyl flooring. All you need is a mop and a soft-bristled brush, a bucket and a simple floor-cleaning solution (and perhaps floor wipes for small spills). Your total cleaning time will be reduced to mere minutes or at the most an hour – depending on the size of the room/ house – giving you more time to enjoy doing things you love. 

Centuries of style

And last but not the least, the grand finale – style. Amtico Spacia offers one of the largest ranges of vinyl stone tiles and vinyl wood effect planks in the country. Each offers total colour palette availability and samples to try before you buy. Luvanto can be a fun vinyl to work with in your home, as you can play around with parquet, herringbone and border patterns.

Go ahead, take a step in the right direction with vinyl flooring.

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