Childcare at your fingertips: Review

  • It’s trusted by over 2 million members – parents, childcare providers and private tutors for children included.
  • It’s won an award in it’s sector i.e. childcare.
  • It is an online social networking platform that helps you in your childcare search or childcare job search

Just some of the reasons this childcare website ranks number one in my books…




As a work-from-home mum, I have never needed full-time childcare (except the odd babysitter once in a while), but I know that finding a trustworthy childcare option is of utmost importance to a parent. Just as crucial as choosing the best school for your child. After all, you will be placing YOUR child in THEIR care for a considerable amount of time everyday. You need to know that your child is safe, secure, happy and learning, be it at a nursery, with a childminder or even a private nanny.

With Ofsted-checked/ DBS-checked nurseries, childminders etc listed on the site, I know I can trust whoever I choose to care for my child to the best of their ability.

Local care

With the option to limit your search to your postcode and nearby, it’s easier than ever to find local childcare. What’s more, each childcare option is further categorised, giving you a selection of what you’re looking for right at your fingertips. For instance, if I put in my postcode and type ‘Nursery’, I get a drop-down menu giving me choices including: Pre-schools, Daycare nurseries, Creches, Playgroups, Montessories etc. So while I can limit my search to what I need, I also have the option to expand it for more choices… while still being local!

Likewise, see the image below for the list of options when you type ‘Babysitter’…


Easy to use

The site is extremely user-friendly and very easy to navigate. It’s free to create an account, putting in whether you are a parent looking for childcare or a service provider offering childcare or tutoring services. After which access is through a simple log in and password, just like your email. The site’s tagline is ‘The easy way to find local childcare’ and I couldn’t agree more!


And there’s more…

Besides the conventional childcare options like a babysitter, childminder etc, there are also options such as ‘Household Help’, ‘Private Midwife’, ‘Nursery Nurse’, ‘NHS Emergency Childcare’, ‘Keyworker Childcare’, ‘Virtual Tutors’ and more. And at the moment, there are also ‘Corona Helpers’ offering safe childcare during the Covid-19 pandemic.


This is a personal honest review of the site, and all opinions are my own


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