Easy ways to perk up your kerb appeal!

Your kerb appeal is something that may not be on your priority list right now, and for most homeowners, it usually isn’t – unless they are planning on selling their home sometime soon. However, your kerb appeal can not only help to up the value of your home, but make it a far more appealing place to live. You can help to increase the value of your entire street when you work on your kerb appeal, and it makes returning home after a long day much more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to perk up your kerb appeal.


1. Keep Your Garden Tidy

Start by making sure you keep your garden tidy. Could you keep the grass at a reasonable length and clear all debris? Simple tweaks and changes can actually make a huge difference to your garden. If you don’t have the time for the upkeep, you could consider hiring a professional to come in every so often and take care of the grass, weeds, and anything else bringing down your kerb appeal. 

2. Hide Your Bins

Bins are often messy and smell bad, even if you try your hardest to keep them clean. Keeping them away from the house is often important so you can keep pests at bay, but you don’t necessarily want them out in the open for all to see, either. They are not a feature of your home or garden, so you don’t want them proudly on display! 

Using or even creating a decorative cover for your bins could be the way to go if you don’t have many options, or a privacy screen could work. 

3. Wash Your Car

You might wonder what your car has to do with anything, but you’d be surprised at how a clean car can lift the kerb appeal of your home – especially if you’re planning on selling the house soon. You’re not selling your car, but the car can help your potential buyers to envision themselves there. It could even be worth having your neighbours wash their cars, or offering to do it for them! 

4. Replace Your Doors and Windows

How long ago did you replace your doors and windows? They don’t last forever, so you may need to look for a replacement to lift your exterior and keep your home secure. Yes, they need to look good, but they also need to be safe and functional. Perhaps you want to go for some sturdy patio doors, or something with a window in it to bring in a little bit more light. There are all kinds of factors you should consider when it comes to replacing your current doors and windows, so make sure you think it through carefully and don’t just go on price. 

5. Keep Doors, Windows and Gutters Clean

Once you have your doors and windows in place, make sure you keep them clean. Hire a recurring service to come and clean them for you, and don’t forget to have your gutters cleaned as well. Keeping everything clean and tidy is half the battle – you don’t necessarily need everything to be brand new and fancy. 

6. Use More Plants and Flowers

Using more plants and flowers will bring more life to your garden, as well as more colour. Make sure you take your soil type and location into account so you can choose plants and flowers that will grow well at any time of year. 

7. Create A Clear Walkway To Your Door

Having a clear walkway to your door can enhance the style you want to emulate. If you have a cottage-style home, a winding stone pathway could work wonders in helping you achieve this. A walkway also makes it safer for yourself and guests to walk to the front door. 

8. Use Lighting For Security And Atmosphere 

Lighting provides more security – you don’t want to return home in the dark, unable to see! Besides, lighting can also help to create a more homely and beautiful atmosphere. You could choose between solar lighting, motion sensor lighting or even consider adding string lights for added effect! Lighting is also a good deterrent for criminals. 

9. Take Security Seriously 

You may live in a nice neighbourhood, but you should still take your security seriously. If your home is going to be your safe haven, you don’t want to take any chances. Consider installing CCTV, or even fake CCTV if you can’t afford real cameras. Also make sure that you changed the locks since you moved in, and that there are no other threats to your safety. 

10. Pick Appropriate Window Dressings 

Whether you pick bare windows or blinds can make a difference to your kerb appeal. You can even use both if you want to maximise both, your light and your privacy, but consider how both of these things will look from the outside, too. 

11. Add Window Boxes

Window boxes are a lovely way to add some more colour and personality to both, your home and garden, with minimal maintenance. Plant some flowers in boxes beneath your windows or invest in some hanging baskets if you prefer. 

12. Include Your House Number or Name

See if you can find a personalized plaque where you can display your house number, and perhaps even the name of your house if you have one. This will ensure you always receive your mail, and help to give your home a little something special that you can enjoy when viewing your home from the outside. Bear in mind that if you plan on giving your home a name, you may need to clear it with your local authority, first. 

Are you ready to perk up your kerb appeal? Leave your own suggestions in the comments!

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