Top tips for helping your child with maths

Some children excel at certain subjects and struggle with others and while this is not unusual, it just means that they might need a little extra support in some areas. Maths is one subject that many parents find challenging when it comes to helping their children, especially if they’re not particularly great it at themselves. However, there are lots of ways you can help your youngsters with maths, as explored below by a London private school.


Make it fun!

Start by trying to make maths fun where you can, by incorporating it into your everyday activities such as shopping and cooking. Getting your child involved with these types of endeavours will help them with their learning without them even realising, so it won’t seem as tedious. There are lots of board games, such as Monopoly, that will also encourage your child to practise basic arithmetic in an enjoyable way. You could also have a look online for some learning resources, like YouTube videos or interactive games. The trick is to just try and find ways to make maths more exciting, rather than forcing your child to sit at their desk on a Saturday with their textbook. 

Consult with their teacher

Get in touch with your child’s maths teacher for some support; they will likely appreciate knowing that you are on the same page when it comes to helping one of their students succeed. They might be able to share some information about the curriculum so that you can prepare activities that are tailored to what your child will be learning about, and they might also be able to suggest some learning tools that you can buy.

Be patient

Try and be patient when it comes to your child and any aspect of their learning. If they are struggling, your frustration won’t help them. Praise them when you see them working hard to figure out a maths equation and try and calm them down if they get exasperated by a particular homework question. It might be worth considering hiring a private tutor to support your child, but if this is not an option then perhaps the school offers revision clubs that they could join.  

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