Christmas 2019 Gift Guide for Kids

The run-up to Christmas can be extremely stressful – planning the holidays, the big Christmas dinner and of course the gift buying. With so much on offer, it can get mind-boggling to choose what to get for children. This gift guide gives you a range of choices – from books to scooters – whatever your price range or gifting choices, here’s some inspiration…


Personalised clock

This Dinosaur Pendulum Clock (featured below) is just one of the many personalised kids’ bedroom gifts from Giftpup. Personalised gifts always add a special touch, and this clock is sure to add some fun and colour to a kid’s room. And is a useful, practical gift as well! Little ones will have great fun learning to to tell the time as the dinosaur cracks out of his shell and the pendulum swings to and fro.



Stunt scooters

These Nitro Circus stunt scooters make a fabulous gift for the out-and-about kid. The kid who likes to push the limits (in a good way!) and challenge him/herself. While having fun in the process of course.

Based on the Ryan Williams Signature scooter, these replica scooters are suited for younger riders. The bright colours, sleek design and smaller bars and deck make this an ideal scooter for beginners and advanced riders. Ideal for 4-8 year olds.


Another fun gift for the kid that never wants to sit down! These heelys are available in the most amazing mix of colours and styles, and make walking a walk (or should we say glide) in the park – literally! The most popular one this season is the Heelys X2 Fresh Shoe– it has two wheels on each shoe making it easier for learning and stability. It comes with a ‘waffle grip’ function that keeps your trainers firmly planted to the floor when not in skate mode. It also comes with Wheel Plugs and a Removal Tool to convert them into normal shoes.


Family board game – 5 Second Rule

It’s not difficult to name three things you put on toast, but when you have to do it in just 5 seconds, you could blank out! Which is why this game is so much fun, because you either forget even the most basic things or tend to give the silliest, funniest answers! Yet, it makes you think faster and get smarter and is therefore my new favourite family board game. There’s non-stop entertainment but there is also learning, and learning to think fast.

The 5 Second Rule Junior is perfect for 6-10 year olds while there is a more difficult version for ages 10 and up.



IMO Q2 Plus 2019

Now I know an electronic device is not something you would actively like to gift your child, especially if it’s a phone, but if your child is now old enough to require a phone or if you feel the time is right, then the newly launched 2019 edition of the IMO Q2 Plus is perfect.

And that’s because it’s an affordable smart phone with some amazing features such as facial unlock ID recognition, a long battery life, super-fast 4G and an excellent camera. The new 2019 edition is available in two new colours (True Blue and Love Pink).
IMO Q2 Plus 2019 is available to buy at Vodafone (£37 for the True Blue) and Argos (£40 for the Love Pink) and makes for the perfect ‘first phone’ for your child. And a special Christmas gift.



Slime Time, Jelly Bath and Artificial Snow

Zimpli Kids has an exciting range of products including a bathtime range, an outdoor range and a playtime range. The Gelli Baff and Slime Baff transform your bath water into colourful jelly or slimy slime. SnoBall play is great for sensory play or whenever you feel like having a snowball fight – the options are endless!

They also have a new licensed range including Ryan’s World and Baby Shark – lots of choice to fill those stockings with!

Personalised name labels – always a winner!

Personalised name labels are both a practical and fun gift, and very very useful especially for school-going children. Stickerkid has an amazing choice of labels, in different sizes and for different sorts of items. It’s super easy and quick to create your own label too. Seeing these in their Christmas stocking or Christmas Eve box will definitely bring a smile to their face (and their mums’ – which mum doesn’t love labels?!!!)

They’re also offering a special discount to my readers which is valid till November 28th. Just type in mamaville10 at checkout to avail of your discount.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box

If you follow the ‘Christmas Eve Box’ tradition, then these personalised wooden Christmas Eve festive boxes are gorgeous! They’re available in a large and small size in three Christmassy colours – red, green and blue – and are cut from all-natural wood. The perfect gift to put in more gifts!



Books, books and more books!

You can never go wrong with a book – it’s a gift that can be treasured for years to come and that parents don’t mind their child getting either. After all, there is only so much plastic that can fit in your living room!

These two new books on the market will make perfect Christmas gifts… take your pick!

What’s Down There? and That’s My Willy

What’s Down There? and That’s My Willy are the first in a series of books written by Alex Waldron that address difficult issues for kids. Little minds are extremely curious about their bodies, and of the opposite sex, and it’s important to give them the correct information while still being suitable for their age. These books do exactly that! They teach little children to explore, protect and celebrate their bodies.



Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts on Everest 

Matt Dickinson’s latest book Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts on Everest is the sequel to Popcorn-Eating Squirrels of the World Unite! If your child is unaware of these books, this presents the perfect opportunity to introduce them to it. An action-packed, funny series for ages six and up about the adventures four squirrels go through.

The squirrel friends enter a competition to win a million pounds and popcorn for life. All they have to do is climb to the top of Everest – risking frostbite, the thin mountain air and being eaten by a Yeti – and make popcorn on the roof of the world! A fun and entertaining read.


Some nibbles for the stocking…

Healthy crisps instead of candy?

Why not? There’s enough sugar being consumed by your child over Christmas as it is, why add some more in the stocking when you could swap for some delicious crisps that are made from popped chickpeas!

Marty’s Popped Chickpea Crisps are allergy-friendly too – free from egg, peanuts and gluten – and are available in three yum flavours: Cheese and Onion, Barbeque and Ready Salted.



Disclosure: I was gifted the items listed in the gift guide to review; however, as always, all opinions are my own.


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