A Walk To Remember: Making Your Trip Down The Aisle Magical…

Weddings are so much fun, whether you’re a guest, or are planning your own big day in the foreseeable future; they’re a happy time full of love and laughter. However, many find the stages of planning somewhat daunting, full of stress, and quite overwhelming. Although, with a little thought and attention, there are plenty of ways to ensure the process runs smoothly for you.

With so much focus on the dress, speeches and party after the vows, the actual walk down the aisle can sometimes be a little bit of an afterthought. However, this is the special moment when the happy couple see each other for the first time, and guests have their first taste of what’s to come for the rest of the celebration. Therefore, it’s surely worth thinking about how you can make walking down the aisle as memorable as possible. The following are some ideas and inspiration for brides-to-be who want to remember every second of their wedding, including the moments before they say “I do”.



The Sounds

Nothing sets the tone to an event quite like the sounds and music used; it can be meaningful, jam-packed with memories, and something special to a couple on their wedding day. Therefore, starting your walk down the aisle with something special playing, is a great way to start the proceedings. Take a look at sites like https://www.alivenetwork.com/hirelivemusic/hire_a_band_in.asp?area=London&style=Gospel%20Choirs so that you can consider choosing a gospel choir, or similar. For less of a traditional option, you could think about a band, or solo-singer so that they can provide a fresh take on a song you love. If a particular piece of music, or even a movie soundtrack, is more your thing, there are plenty of instrumental bands who can give you and your guests plenty of good goose-pimples as you drift down the aisle towards the one you love.

The Sights

Obviously, the focus will be on you, your other half, and the wedding party. However, there are an array of ways to enhance the visual aspect of your walk down the aisle (for yourself, just as much as for everyone else). You can adorn the aisle with decor, from fresh flowers in your chosen colours, to paper decorations, fairy lights or candles (or a beautiful mixture of all of them). Bunting, photos filled with memories, and other trinkets or personal items, are great ways to add a personal touch, and give everyone even more to look at. Perhaps your favourite poetry, lyrics, or lines from movies could decorate the seating, and give the guests something to read, and get in the mood, while they wait for you to arrive.

The Scent

Many couples are choosing one or two signature scents for their big day. Whether you use scented candles, reed diffusers, essential oils or room spray, you’ll enrich everyone’s experience, and can further help to set the tone for your wedding day. Think about whether you want something uplifting to match your music, or perhaps a calming and serene scent that will suit your vibe a little better. The choice really is yours!

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