4 benefits of extra-curricular activities for children

Schools often provide extra-curricular activities each week for children to explore, or encourage activities to be carried out at home where possible. Extra-curricular activities are key for a number of reasons, and this nursery in Cambridge outlines the main positives of outdoor recreational activities for children.

Increases confidence and improves people-skills

Taking part in different collaborative opportunities will give your child greater confidence and self-esteem to join other organisations, clubs and volunteering groups. Many kinds of extra-curricular activities are known to increase a child’s confidence, socialise with different people and make new friends.

Allows children to take a break from their studies

Education is important, no doubt, but all work and no play is not good either! Besides, education doesn’t have to always be confined to a classroom or books – there’s a lot to learn through extra-curricular activities too!

Apart from the skill of the activity itself, there are also a lot of life and social skills a child can learn. Being in a school setting five days a week can be a lot for children, and lunchtime and after-school clubs are a great outlet for them to release some steam as well as learn something new.

Pursue interests outside of academia

Giving your child the chance to look further than just their studies allows them to explore different hobbies and sports, be it painting, karate, drama, football or anything else.

Future university prospects

When writing your child’s applications for university you can add that they’ve taken part in a number of extra-curricular activities which will contribute towards their interests. For example, if applying for a journalism degree, it would reflect well in your child’s application if he or she helped with the school magazine. Or for those looking into sports therapy, the sports your child played and tournaments they took part in can add value to their application. 

These small things will increase the chances of getting into a university. This is a huge reason why schools ensure each child is looking into a range of activities aside from their own studies.

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