Tips to explore STEM subjects with your child

child experimenting with a circuit to depict the importance of STEM education

What is STEM education?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – the main areas of the more technical aspects of your child’s studies. STEM Education focusses on educating young minds in these four crucial disciplines. STEM combines all four subjects in an inter-disciplinary and applied approach, so as to provide opportunities for children to learn a multitude of skills and practices that can be translated into future studying programmes and job prospects.

I’ve teamed up with this Sixth Form in Hertfordshire to further explain the world of STEM and how it will help your child’s education and future career prospects.

Why is STEM important?

As more areas are becoming digitised and as technology is advancing at an alarming rate in today’s modern and technological age, young graduates are looking at careers in the online and technology worlds. And STEM education is all about building the foundation for this from an early age.

How can you explore STEM subjects with your child?

There are many ways you can incorporate STEM into your child’s everyday activities:

1. Play-based learning

Playing a variety of games with your child can test their decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

2. STEM-based toys

Specific toys for babies and toddlers with a variety of textures, smells and noises will make your children naturally curious and inquisitive; adopting this early on will enhance your child’s observational skills.

3. Science projects

If your child has got to submit a science assignment for school, get involved. Show interest, research together and let them think out-of-the-box. You can encourage your child to enjoy science while making it relevant to STEM.

4. Gardening

A whole world of adventure and discovery is in your back garden! Planting, insect watching and observing other kinds of wildlife in your garden can give your child a lot to think about.

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