10 amazing natural products you should get now!

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All-natural, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, no artificial ingredients or colours – these have become the buzzwords in the health and beauty sectors in the past few years. And rightly so, for there are so many benefits to going all-green, all-natural and organic, whether it’s the beauty products you use or the food you put in your mouth.

Here’s a round-up of some amazing natural products (some that I have tried-and-tested myself and others that have been recommended by others and are popular with those living a life more focussed on well-being and holistic living.


  • Amanda Jo, Organic Bunny is a great site for organic products for skincare, hair and make-up. Featuring a number of brands as well as eco-friendly accessories, the site is brimming with options if you want to make the switch to non-toxic and natural beauty products. Amanda’s on a mission to prove that an organic lifestyle can still be glamorous!
  • Balmonds is another great natural skincare brand for non-steroidal, preservative, chemical and fragrance-free remedies for those with sensitive, dry and itchy skin and skin conditions such as eczema and other skin allergies. And if you use code MAMAVILLE20 at checkout, you’ll get 20% off your order too!
  • The ancient science of Ayurveda is increasing in popularity, even in the Western world. If you’ve never tried Ayurvedic treatments and oils, then there’s no better time to start than now. I use Tri-Dosha’s products and they are so refreshing and nourishing.
  • The Tropics Skincare range is bubbly, vibrant and bursting with natural goodness. If you want fun, gorgeous-smelling products without all the additives, give them a try!
  • Beauty Naturals, as the name suggests, is all natural – and you can find everything from cleansers to toners to moisturisers to make-up, shampoos, hair colour, perfumes, bath salts and more.


  • Do guilt-free treats exist? Absolutely! Treat Trunk has a range of snacks and treats that are made with natural ingredients and are bursting with goodness and whole foods. Put an end to those 4 pm biscuit cravings and substitute them with organic, fruit and veg-based snacks.
  • Foga’s Plantshakes are the perfect (and quickest) way to get an all-natural, organic breakfast in, even when you’re short on time. These freeze-dried smoothie shakes contain no nasties and all the goodness of fruits, veggies, seeds and superfoods.
  • If you’re consuming too much caffeine (coffee/ tea) a day, why not make the switch to green tea or herbal teas? These contain far less caffeine and a lot more health benefits. You don’t even need tea bags – you can just seep some ginger or mint leaves in hot water for a refreshing ginger tea or mint tea. Or squeeze a lemon into some warm water and consume first thing in the morning for a great body detox.


  • When it comes to shopping for good quality, organic, natural edible products, my go-to is Holland and Barrett. From vitamins to homeopathic remedies, and snack items to whole foods, it’s all natural and healthy in here!
  • Another trusted name is the Whole Foods Market (with outlets in USA as well). All their produce from their fruits and veg to their dairy and meats is organic and wholesome.

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