Tips for creating a winning online dating profile

Dating, for some, can be overwhelming. More scary than enjoyable, more stressful than smooth. it’s one thing if you start dating your friend or someone you’ve known for a while, but it’s a whole new ball game if you just put yourself out there and jump into the unknown world of online dating. But fear not, here are some tried-and-tested (and not cheesy) tips for creating a great first impression on your online dating profile. Go ahead, turn on the charm…



1. Ditch the obvious cliches

Everyone and their cousin writes things like ‘enjoy reading, listening to music and meeting friends’. Well, as I said, everyone writes that and everyone does that. So there’s nothing striking that makes the person reading your profile want to know more about you. In fact, he or she might just gloss over the rest of the profile if you’ve put down the usual cliched stuff.

Add something unique to you. You enjoy river rafting? Or help uneducated children to read? Put that down instead.

2. Honesty is indeed the best policy

Your profile is essentially your dating CV. You wouldn’t lie on your job resume, so don’t do it here either. If you’re looking for a committed partner and a forever relationship, basing it on lies about yourself will not take you (or the relationship) far. Be yourself, online and in the real world.

3. Show of your fun side and your personality

People often view dating sites quite seriously. But it need not be that way. Dating must also be about enjoying yourself and enjoying the process in finding your perfect match. Don’t come across as too serious on your profile; in fact, by showing your lighter and more fun side, you might ease the tension on that all-important first date too! Let your sense of humour prevail, it can be a great ice-breaker too.

Reveal your true personality instead of sugar-coating everything. This doesn’t mean you have to give away all your deep, dark secrets on a public platform, but stay true to yourself. After all, if you are seeking a life partner, you want to be as genuine as possible, correct? Match Me Happy is a good place to start your ‘happy’ search. Naturally Dating is a great site for speed dating events in London and around the UK.

4. Ask a friend to describe you

You’ll be surprised that often, it’s our family and friends who know us better than we think we know ourselves. Ask a close friend or family member to describe you, and see if something they say opens your eyes to a facet of yourself you didn’t know or realise before.

5. Picture Perfect

Let’s be honest, looks do play a major part in the online dating world. It’s your pictures that create that first impression so make sure it’s the perfect one. Studies show that happy, smiling faces are better received than passport-type face shots on free dating sites. Show off your best side, but avoid coming across as too sexy or fake. This is a profile for you, not for a modelling agency. Avoid group photos – your prospective date wants to see you not your college friends. And it doesn’t hurt to add some full length pictures of you too, so people get a better idea of your overall appearance. Sometimes, that minimises false expectations on the first date and keeps things more real.

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