The ‘little’ joys of motherhood…

Motherhood is a strange thing. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and feelings, from ultimate contentment one second to wanting to pull your hair out the next; from feeling like the luckiest person in the world to feeling terrible momguilt. Read My Top 10 Ups and Downs of Parenting to get a better idea…

Anyways, as part and parcel of this motherhood thingie, are the little, almost fleeting moments of pure joy we mums experience. Simple things like when we actually see the bottom of the laundry basket. Or when it’s (finally) bedtime after a long, tantrum-filled day. Or when I’m back after the school-run (and often chaotic morning) and sit down and enjoy a hot cuppa – in peace.

So I put forth the same question to other mums, and the answers are quite delightful – and varied! Just goes to show it doesn’t take much to make a mum happy…



Katy from Allergy Free Day

My little joy has to be when my daughter actually likes something I’ve spent hours making! Daisy is dairy, soya, coconut, chicken and gluten free so it’s hard to make delicious food for her! Cracking it feels amazing!

Natasha from Mummy and Moose

Is there a greater thrill after a day of school-runs and homework-related stress than an early night and crisp clean bedsheets? Bliss!

Emily from A Slummy Mummy

For me, it’s a successful shopping trip. I have four children so that feeling of total empowerment when we leave the supermarket without a tantrum, escape attempt or 3 boredom toilet trips!! WINNING!

Nadine from Then I Became Mum

When they finally move up to the next clothes size and we’re no longer alternating between trousers that are up the legs and trousers that fall down!

Victoria from The Growing Mum

When I can spend 5 minutes in the bathroom uninterrupted!

Joanne from New Mum Fun

Checking on my 2 sleeping babies looking angelic before collapsing into bed myself.

Sophie from Life as Mrs D

When all the children are napping at the same time!

Lisa from The Family Ticket

My little joy is when they play together. It may only last 1.3 minutes but I feel like they may not commit fratricide eventually and maybe they will like each other when they’re older.

Nicola from The Merralls Home

When they’ve been screaming and tantruming all morning but then do something super cute and you instantly forget all about the bad stuff!

Stephanie from A Cornish Mum

I love that little smug feeling of achievement when you’ve dropped them at school clean and in an ironed uniform, on time with everything that they actually should have taken with them. When you have a forgetful child and spend half your life dropping things off at school, this feels like a major victory!

Kate from Ever After With Kids

When they tell you they love you without any prompts. Makes my heart explode.

Chantelle from The English Family

When they nap long enough to catch up on Eastenders 😂


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