Stressful September!

September! I have mixed feelings about this month. There’s a sprinkling of good stuff to look forward to, but there are also generous splashes of the not-so-good thrown in. Hence the mixed feelings. Here are the three (main) reasons why September can be a blah kind of month.


1. End of Summer

Everyone who lives in the UK knows that dull feeling when the weather turns once summer is over. When the sunshine hides behind clouds and winds, and the days start looking gloomier. Autumn might be appealing to an extent, with the falling leaves, crisp air and changing colours (might I add hazelnut lattes and cosy PJs too?), but we all know it’s the start of six long months of cold, chill, darkness and general gloom (barring Christmas). Not the most warming feeling…

2. Beginning of School

Gone are the carefree days of waking up late, showing the finger to routine, and being in general “holiday” mode. September means a new term, a new school year. For some parents, it’s the start of pre-school or reception for their littles, which brings with it a lot of preparation, tears and emotions. (I’ve been there, and come out the other side of tearful drop-offs).

And while mums sigh with relief on the first day of school (well done you on surviving those six weeks!), inside, there’s always a part that wishes they got one more week and wonders how the hell is my child growing up so fast?!

3. Birthday party planning

I have another little September thing. Well, it’s not a ‘little’ issue as it’s Little Man’s birthday month (and that is THE most important event in his calendar, considering he asks me when his birthday is practically every other day through the year). But while it’s exciting on that front, it’s also rather daunting because every mum knows how stressful planning a kid’s birthday party can be!!! (Read about my (rather naive) first experience of hosting Little Man’s birthday party, back in the day when I was a Birthday Party Virgin!)

So, while Im rolling along with September, I’m feeling all the feels – a little panic (will Little Man settle in his new school year? Will I get his birthday party planned and sorted before the nth hour?); a lot of emotions (my baby is starting school now, and he’s turning 5!!!) and some dread about the cold winter months ahead…


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