Cord Stem Cell Preservation: What YOU need to know…

When I was pregnant with Little Man, I (like all first-time-mums-to-be) read practically every parenting book and website out there. I researched the best travel systems and milk bottles. I attended antenatal classes. I cocked my ears up at anything baby or pregnancy related.

That’s when I first heard about cord stem cell preservation. It did intrigue me – and I even remember discussing it with Hubster and considering it – but since it was a relatively new concept and we had other urgent decisions to make, we let it pass. Four years on and I’ve read/ heard about it a lot more. Mums-to-be are more aware of it. But it is still all quite in the dark and really shouldn’t be – because it is a brilliant discovery, one that could potentially save your unborn child’s life.


What is cord stem cell preservation?

In short, cord stem cell preservation or cord blood banking is the collection of blood from the umbilical cord and placenta immediately after birth, and storing it for future medical use as cord blood contains lifesaving cells. Babycenter explains it more in detail.

Who are Smart Cells?

Smart Cells is UK’s first cord blood stem cell collection and storage company and have been working to promote awareness about this lesser-known scientific life-changer since 2000. Their aim is to educate parents-to-be about stem cell storage for the future health of their child and family.

Stem cells are already being used to treat leukaemia, cerebral palsy, sickle cell disease, spinal cord injuries and thalassemia amongst others, and research is being carried out to see if it can help in conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS), strokes and diabetes.

For more information on cord stem cell preservation, and to understand how it works, do see this video. It gives all the correct information, dispelling myths and misinformation about this process.

This video was created and provided by Smart Cells with Netmums

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