Mumspeak #7: Mum-centric New-Year Resolutions (you know you will probably break!!!)

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It’s that time of the year again when we all solemnly swear to be good next year. When we eat mince pies for lunch and cranberry sauce galore for dinner, because we WILL go on that diet from January. We will also join the gym. We will be more focussed on our blogs. We will NOT be awake past 11 pm at the latest. And so on and so forth.

Last year I penned a parody on New Year Resolutions. This year I thought I’d ask fellow mums their ahem “resolutions” (the ones they know they’re probably gonna break soon enough!). So sit back with your mulled wine/ hot chocolate/ caramel hazelnut latte and have a chuckle!



Becky from MommyandRory

To clean the toddler’s car seat at some point in the next 12 months! I know it’s seriously gross but I just keep wondering what the point is!

Sarah from Mummy Cat Notes

All I can think of are kid-related ones hah, perhaps have some selfish time once in a while, my life is very ‘mum mum mum’ at the moment.

Kati from How To Rock At Parenting

To lose the baby belly… over a year on and I have no excuse anymore!

Candace from Buckets of Tea

I need to loose the baby belly. My youngest is 14. That’s years not months!!!

Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall

Limited use of my phone and set social media times. I don’t want to be remembered as the mum who was never far from her phone. I will be disconnecting as often as I can and experiencing life first hand rather than through the lense of my iPhone.

Carla from Random Thoughts of a Twenty Something

To spend more time on my own appearance than I do focusing on the children. Their wardrobes are full of clothes that are easily more fashionable than mine!

Catherine from Baking With Kids

Keeping my cool and not raising my voice…

Natalie from Mumworthy

Will only drink wine at weekends… who am I kidding?!

Jennie from Rice Cakes and Raisins

I will keep on top of the washing (and may even see the bottom of the basket!)

Helen from Natural Beauty With Baby

To build more forts, kick more piles of leaves, give more piggy back rides, and stop caring about the housework!

Jessica from That Mummy Blog

Oh, I’m going to suddenly become a domestic goddess. The dishes will never pile in the sink, the laundry basket will never overflow and dinner will be on the table for my loving husband…


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