Learning to work as a team as new parents

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and it’s not unusual to have disagreements! However, even the strongest of relationships can be tested when a baby is thrown into the mix, as you and your partner might start disagreeing on everything to do with the little one’s care. After all, you both want what’s best for your child, and you might have two very different opinions on what that really is. 

And in these moments, it’s important to learn to compromise, and work together as a team. Knowing you’ll have each other’s back in the face of everything, especially when your child reaches the terrible twos and starts throwing their weight around, is key to being a healthy parenting couple. So, let’s go through some things you should think about if you’re finding yourself in this situation right now.



Be Accommodating

As parents trying to bring up a child together, it’s important to remember that you’re on the same side, and getting into a heated discussion with one another isn’t about winning. Keeping this in mind will ensure you’re always looking for a constructive common ground to fall on, and it’ll help the both of you to be more accommodating with one another. 

Yes, you have differing opinions on what to do next, but if you understand just how serious your partner is about their approach, maybe you could take their side on this one. On the other hand, if you’re serious about what you think is best, ask your partner to really consider your side. 

Always Focus on Your Child

If you ever do get into an argument with your partner, it’s important to try and realise what you’re doing, as soon as possible, and get back to focusing on your child. After all, the two of you are going round and round each other’s heads, and that leaves your little one in the middle, not sure who to turn to or who to listen to. 

It’s a bad situation to be in, and if you know how it feels from your own childhood (because it’s a common trap parents can fall into), it’s not a behaviour pattern you’ll really want to repeat. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Asking for help from outside sources doesn’t make you bad parents. After all, they say it takes a village to raise a child, and if you need to depend on other people’s advice, be sure to go out and ask them! Even if you need to contact a family law firm, just to ask a few questions, it’s OK. 

You’re doing what’s best for your child by seeking more information when neither of you quite have the answer, and it’ll certainly help to inform your parenting decisions for next time. Parenting is a real learning curve, and rarely done alone! 

So, if you and your partner are new parents, make sure you’re trying to work together, and never see each other as an opposing side.

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