How to get your beauty products for free…

Imagine getting all your beauty products for free! Isn’t that better than getting them at a discount or a sale? And no, you won’t need to stoop to low tactics; all you have to do is follow these easy steps and voila!



Giveaways, Magazines and Awards

Women’s magazines are full of freebies all for the asking. All you have to do is find these deals. Start by seeking out free product giveaways, move on to buy-one-get-one free deals and look for those that offer free samples on their websites. Combine all of these and you’ll soon be filling your makeup drawer with lots of great beauty products.

Also keep your eyes out for skincare promotions and new product releases. You’ll find many free samples during these types of events. Self, as an example, also seeks out people who are willing to test out products so you can apply to be a volunteer and get free products to test. In exchange for an honest opinion, you can take home a variety of beauty products and try them out all for yourself. 

Sample Sites

There are a variety of free stuff websites that have samples to give away – all you need to do is get them! Type ‘Free Samples’ or ‘Free Beauty Samples’ in your favourite search engine and you’re sure to find some great deals. Sign up for future samples as well and you’ll be notified when they have more available. Keep in mind that signing up for free samples does put you at risk for some spam.

Just Ask 

Check out the make-up counters at your local mall and get to know the employees. Ask for free samples and special deals and you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll walk away with a goodie bag. While many claim that this doesn’t work, just as many claim that it does. Be polite and show a genuine interest in their products. Worst case, you’ll just get a no for an answer!

Bloggers and Influencers  

Beauty writers, bloggers and influencers often get beauty products to test, review and write about. It is part of their job, probably one of the perks of the job! Keep in mind, however, that companies or their PRs don’t send these samples out to just anyone. You would have to be known in your field or have a decent number of followers on your blog or social media. So if this is something that you would like to do, get your beauty blog/ social media channels up and running and start building your following and knowledge before reaching out to companies. 

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