Expert tips on buying the perfect family car…

When you’ve got one or more children, having a car makes life so much easier. For instance, you don’t have to struggle with prams on buses. And if you need to get somewhere with your kids in an emergency, there’s no waiting around; you just get in your car and drive.

There are many different models in the market when it comes to choosing a family car. Some vehicles are MPVs (people carriers) while others are just five-door versions of popular hatchbacks.

Whether you’re looking for your first family car or a replacement for an existing vehicle, one thing’s for sure, you need a vehicle that ticks all the boxes. One that isn’t going to annoy you or those that travel in the car with you yet is safe to drive with kids in the back seats.

Here are a few helpful hints and tips to bear in mind before you agree on a sale with a car seller.


Don’t let your budget limit you

First of all, you should never let your future family car choice get dictated solely by the money you wish to spend. The last thing you want to do is compromise on the things that matter because you aren’t willing to raise your budget.

If you were thinking of paying only with cash, you should consider using that as a deposit and getting car finance to cover the balance. Doing so means you’ll end up with a newer, more modern vehicle that is safe, practical and super-affordable to run.

Space is important

A small car might be fine for a single parent with only one child. However, that same car will be very limited on space for a family of five, for example. You need to put serious consideration into the cabin and boot space your future family car should offer.

As children grow, they will need more room in your car whenever you take them out anywhere. Keep those considerations in mind when you’re shopping around for your next vehicle.

Child seat (and child) manoeuvrability

An annoying aspect of transporting children around in a car isn’t to do with the kids themselves but rather their child seats. As you know, child seats come in various shapes and sizes to suit each occupant’s age and size.

Some child seats can be very wide, making it nearly impossible to route a seat belt around and into the buckle. What’s more, some vehicles with ISOFIX anchor points can make it challenging to even anchor in a child seat.

When you go out to look at cars for sale, take your kids with you. Next, attempt to fit their seats inside the vehicle you want to buy, and get your kids to sit in them. Was the child seat anchoring process easy? Is there plenty of legroom for your offspring?


Last but not the least, the cars you shortlist must have excellent safety credentials. How well have they done in Euro NCAP safety tests? Can the driver disable the rear electric windows and ensure the rear doors stay locked?

Keeping the above points in mind will help you to narrow down your selection for the perfect family car for your needs.

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