5 ways to combat inevitable ‘Mom Burnout’

Burnout is defined as the decline of either physical or emotional strength resulting from a period of prolonged stress. Unfortunately, burnout is quite real, and it is likely that most of us has experienced a period of feeling overwhelmed. Mothers, who try to juggle parenting, a full-time job, fitness and other obligations often suffer from so-called “mom burnout.”

So, what does burnout feel like? Well, it is as if you were crawling through life, trying to make it all happen whilst at the same time thinking about jumping into bed and not wanting to get up. It feels like reliving the same day over and over again, and still not feeling accomplished or satisfied. But all is not lost. Mianna K has 5 super ways to deal with mom burnout.

1. Find an enjoyable activity

Most women who become mothers easily lose their identity and fully dedicate themselves to raising children and being good wives. For example, enjoyable habits such as eating out in a fancy restaurant, travelling, and going out to concerts with friends become minimal or null. Nevertheless, mothers do not need to feel guilty or selfish for wanting to enjoy life the way they did before becoming mums! As a matter of fact, by getting back in touch with who you were before your new life as a mother, you can head on a journey of self-discovery and find out new ways to become a better role model. So, whether it was sewing, reading or journaling, find out what you used to like to do in your spare time as a free woman and practice building those skills again. Not only will you feel more accomplished and relaxed but you will also become a less irritable person/ mother because your mind is not just focussed on parenting. 

2. Keep a routine

One of the best ways to minimize stress and feel as if you have the entire day under control is to create a schedule or a daily routine you and the children can easily stick to. The best thing about having a routine is that you know what to expect out of the day, and it lets you remember all the important meetings, events and playdates for the week. Not only do mothers benefit from well-organized routines, but children do as well. For instance, children thrive when they have a routine which keeps their sleeping and eating times consistent. Another great tip is to start using a calendar or another scheduling system to write down every important to-do and activity for the whole week.


3. Work out and eat healthily

Another common reason why mothers often end up feeling depressed and overwhelmed is due to the fact that they do not feel good in their own skin. For instance, it is quite easy to stop caring about choosing a pretty outfit or getting your hair and nails done when you have whining kids at home waiting for their diaper change. Also, the accumulated body fat or stretch marks you might have packed on during pregnancy will not disappear unless you start eating more healthily and begin working out.

Most importantly, do not forget that by taking care of your own body, you are also thinking about being the best mom possible for your children. It is not a secret that every little girl or boy wants to have a mother who is happy and fit. So, kickstart your day with a bowl of nutrient-dense organic protein oats in the morning. Oats are ideal for weight-loss, due to the fact that they are low in calories yet very filling. The added amount of protein will make sure that you fuel your muscles adequately, so it also makes the perfect pre-workout meal before a session at the gym. Of course, if you are running low on time, then you can always purchase a set of dumbbells and exercise from home while having your eyes on your kids.


4. Get help

Social contact with a trustworthy and understanding individual will relieve stress quicker than any other way of stress reduction. Sadly, mothers often find themselves alone without the support of another person. Luckily, there are ways to reach out to people and seek help. When you are feeling down and exhausted, it is important to stay connected with those people you consider your closest family members or friends. Most importantly, do not isolate yourself and make these relationships a top priority. It’s also a good idea to join support groups to learn how to deal with burnout.

5. Date night

When was the last time you took a night off of being a mom and went out with your partner on a romantic date? A lot of the times when our lives revolve around our kids, we tend to forget our partners and neglect our appearance. To re-ignite the sparks, hire a babysitter, put on your sexiest dress and make reservations with your hubby in one of your favourite restaurants. By allowing yourself to sit down and enjoy some quality time with your soul mate, you will definitely feel more energized and passionate about life again.

Mom Burnout appears when there is a misbalance between everyday responsibilities, work and excelling in mommy duties. Even though raising children is the most difficult job in the world, you need to learn how to treat yourself and step back for a bit.

This is a guest post by Mianna K

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