5 tips to market your small business effectively

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Over the past decade, self-employment has spiralled, with more people choosing to work for themselves, start their own business or blog, or freelance and work on a contractual basis.

Most stay-at-home mums choose this route after having a baby, as it helps them balance family and work better. Some become bloggers or social media influencers; others use their creative skills to make and sell things online.

Whatever your motive to starting your own small business, and in whichever field you do so, if you want it to succeed and make some genuine profit, you will need to market it effectively. At the end of the day, good marketing is key to a business’s success, however big or small it might be.

Here are 5 tips to market your small business effectively.

1. Make your presence felt on social media

Social media is called so for a reason – it is ‘social’, meaning there is interaction and exposure with people from all over the world and all walks of life. Which makes it a great platform to make your business/ services known to a wide range of people.

Depending on the kind of business you have, choose your social platforms, but make sure you are on as many of them as are relevant. The more your reach on social media, the more exposure your brand or business will get, which will eventually equate to more clients/ customers and sales.

2. Facebook e-commerce

If this is an unfamiliar term to you, then do some research and get on the bandwagon soon. Facebook e-commerce is essentially about advertising your brand/ services on Facebook via paid Facebook Ads. Make sure you have a Business page, engage and interact daily so as to keep your followers interested and to gain new followers and plan out your e-commerce campaigns so as to reach your target audience effectively, and without coming across as too pushy.

3. Collaborate

Collaborations are a great way to spread the word about your brand/ business and expose yourself to a new audience. If you’re a blogger, collaborate with a brand in your niche. If you’re a growing brand, work with influencers or bloggers who write about the kind of work you do. If you make jewellery, try and work on a styling shoot with a brand or magazine to get more exposure… just find the right people/ avenue to broaden your reach. Remember, when you collaborate with someone, you get their audience in your pocket too!

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate schemes are a fantastic way to get more business. The more affiliates that sign up to your business, the more chances you have of acquiring new customers through them. In simple words, instead of just you promoting your business, you can have 20 affiliates promoting it along with you! The more the merrier!

5. Offer something extra to your customers (discounts/ giveaways)

Everyone likes a little extra something every now and then, and if you keep rewarding your followers with things like discount codes, competition entries, giveaways and the like, they will be more likely to stay. The above are also great ways to attract new customers to your business so don’t under-estimate the power of offering something more.

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