3 actionable tips on how to raise an optimistic child

A picture showing a happy, optimistic child

In front of our children, it’s important to adopt positive attitudes and outcomes that they can use in their own lives as well. This advice from a private school in Hertfordshire will show you the best ways to promote positivity in your home.

1. Challenge pessimistic thoughts

“I can’t do this!”

“This is hopeless!”

“I’ll never be able to finish this!” 

These could be regular things your child says when they’re faced with pressure, and it can become a problem. 

There’s almost always a solution to the problem, so encourage working together to rectify an issue. For example, if they’re struggling with some homework, work with them on finding the right answers by breaking apart each question and showing them how it can be solved.

2. If your child makes a mistake, comfort them

We all make mistakes regardless of our age, but as a child we often panic and become overwhelmed by mistakes made. 

Show your child/ren that it’s completely fine to make mistakes and that they can always be rectified. If it’s a disagreement with a friend at school, for example, talk to them about how you’ve handled situations like these in the past. They will be thankful that you took the time to listen to an issue, making them more likely to be open and honest with you in the future.

3. Use terminology that suggests optimism

Using positive phrases and actions in front of your child will encourage them to use the same words and phrases in front of you, their friends and teachers. 

Showing gratitude and compassion suggests to children that they should be doing the same. As they get older they’ll also experience a range of different scenarios that aren’t just in the playground. Online chats and social media often bring a lot of negativity that children may not be able to avoid, so enforcing kindness and optimism early on will help them along the way.

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