Finding a career that enables you to work with teens

An illustration describing a teacher mentoring teenagers

While teenagers are often given a bad reputation, at that age they are at a sweet spot in their lives. Unlike younger children, teens are able to look at the world through adults eyes, while still retaining the sense of ambition and drive that only comes with youth. This makes people at this age great to work with, and there are loads of options for those who want to get into a career relating to teenagers. Let’s explore some of these:

Social worker

It’s no secret that one’s teenage years can be among the most challenging of their lives. With hormones going wild in their bodies, it can be very difficult for a teen to handle and address the emotions they feel. For this reason, social workers have a very important role, giving teenagers the chance to get support with the issues they face. Of course, you will need to do some learning to get into a job like this, though many employers will be happy to give you the training to help you to develop the right skills to do the work.


There are few jobs in modern society that are as important as teachers. Providing education to children is vital to the world, but those who want to work with teenagers will be more interested in teaching children who are in secondary education. This will enable you to pick a subject that you love, rather than having to teach everything, all while enabling you to work with people who are on the very edge of adulthood. You can have a serious impact on a person’s life when you teach them, and this is something that many people ignore when they are looking for roles like this. As a plus, you will also get to spend school breaks at home.

A trade

Finally, as a last area to consider, it’s time to think about the alternatives that teenagers have to traditional education. Apprenticeships have gained loads of popularity over the last few years, but there aren’t many businesses that offer this sort of option. This makes it very good when tradespeople decide to share their skills like this, enabling you to turn your existing career into something that will help young people. Of course, this will also give you the benefit of having a very affordable employee working for you, but they will benefit greatly from your support and this makes it worth it for them.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of finding a career that enables you to work with teens. This sort of work can be extremely satisfying, but it can also be quite an emotional burden. This makes it well worth spending the time to think and research the job you choose before you take the plunge.

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