The importance of pastoral care in schools

Teacher showing a child a world globe

All parents want is for their child to have a successful journey through school. Some schools offer a level of pastoral care in schools, which refers to the personal, social and spiritual support of children within the classroom. It ensures both physical and emotional needs of students are met whilst promoting a safe and secure environment.

This summer school in London has provided us with some reasons why pastoral care in schools is hugely important and how it affects students.

It opens up new conversations

Pastoral care provides the wellbeing and support that students will need during their academic years. These conversations and offers of support will only give students more reasons to be honest, friendly and welcoming. 

This level of care should be seen throughout the school curriculum, providing additional classes on specific areas of education – such as PSHE-specific classes and RSE classes.

Teachers lead by example

Both staff members and teachers are seen as important role models for children as they go through their school life. A lot of older students will also be considering their next steps in life, whether they go into higher education, full-time employment or other courses to suit their job prospects.

As many students work towards landing themselves roles within the medical, care, teaching and social work fields, pastoral care should be seen as a huge benefit towards students going further in their studies and career paths. 

Supporting those with additional needs

Students that require extra support due to learning disabilities or special needs can be eligible for specific classes taught with their requirements in mind.

Offering pastoral care and support to all ranges of pupils benefits the parents as well, as they can incorporate this way of learning into their daily lives, when with family and in a variety of different situations. 

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