10 Tips to Create Great Blog Content

I have always been a writer at heart. I remember enjoying writing lengthy compositions at school, while most of my peers would struggle to fill up the page. I loved contributing articles and poems to the school and later – college – magazines. Well before I finished my schooling, I knew my calling was in writing.

And so I pursued journalism and worked for a national newspaper for eight long years before motherhood came calling. The career took a break, but not the writing, for here I am with my little corner of the Internet, my little blog. And through all these years, in whatever medium I have written for, there was one common underlying factor that spurred me on – great content. If you want to succeed as a writer – whether you are telling a fictional story, reporting a real-life incident or blogging – content is always king. Without meaningful, coherent, well-written content, there is no real value to a magazine or blog or book, however glossy the cover might be!

So, taking my years of writing experience into account, I’ve listed 10 ways to ensure you always have great content.


1. Know your subject well

This is the basis for great, compelling content. If you have an in-depth knowledge of your topic, the words will just flow onto the page/ screen in a coherent and clear manner. You won’t have to struggle to fill up the page. However, if you are clueless about what you are writing, it becomes evident after the first few paragraphs.

2. Have a clear structure: Introduction – Body – Conclusion

The second golden rule of great writing – have a clear-cut structure. Always introduce the topic. Then move on to the main subject matter – here, you can go into as much detail as is required. And never leave your reader hanging – finish off your piece with a strong conclusion. The reader must feel he or she has learned something from your piece and/or have a definite answer to a question.

3. Use simple words and clear sentences

It is often assumed that the bigger, fancier words you use, the more attractive your piece of writing becomes. But this is not always the case and can often have a negative effect on your work.

Use simple words and clear sentences to get your point across. Of course if you are writing a creative novel or if the subject matter calls for it, by all means use big words. But make sure you don’t loose you reader’s attention in the process.

Yet, that doesn’t mean there should be no excitement in your writing. Creativity is at the core of good content, and one way to add some chutzpah where needed is by using the random name generator.

4. Keep the flow of text smooth

The basis of good writing is coherence. There should be clear meaning to your text, not just a gobbledegook of jumbled up words. And that coherence comes with incorporating points 1 and 2 in your writing.

5. Illustrate with examples and/or images

Offering examples and images to support your argument/ point is always appreciated and is a crucial factor to compelling content. Break up long paragraphs with relevant images, graphics or charts. If you are explaining a concept, follow it up with an example. Or a suitable image. For instance, if you have a wedding blog and are talking about particular kinds ,. decorations, illustrate

6. Offer your readers something more: Link to external sources

Taking off from the previous point, offer your readers extra information by linking to external sources. Likewise, if you are stating a fact or research findings, link back to those findings. It will give your text more credibility.

7. As a blogger, backlink to your own posts

This is for those with blogs or websites. One of the key factors in measuring the success of a website or blog is its Domain Authority (DA). By linking back to relevant articles on your own blog, you are increasing your chances of scoring a higher DA. Besides, it makes for a more user-friendly experience for your readers, as it helps them navigate your site with ease and not just read one post and leave.

8. Write about current/ topical subjects

Of course this will depend on the kind of writing you are doing but whenever possible, write about current and topical subjects to gain more readers. For instance, if it is National Pancake Day, compile a list of pancake recipes. Or if Mother’s Day is around the corner, why not write a gift-guide for Mother’s Day? Writing about current topics or about an issue or event that is in the news is likely to get more interest.

9. Write from the heart and in your unique voice

This is my personal mantra for writing success. The mark of a good writer is in their own unique style – be it humorous, tongue-in-cheek or blunt. Of course if you are writing a news report or writing for a particular publication, you will need to adhere to certain guidelines. But if you are a creative writer or have your own Lifestyle or Parenting blog,  write from the heart. It’s more meaningful.

10. Know your SEO

Again, this concerns bloggers and online writing. If you want your article to rank high on Google Search, and show up in search engines, ace your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and pay attention to your keywords. This is one of the most crucial of blogging tips.

Another option is to hire the services of a copywriting agency who will ensure your blog has content that is relevant, crisp, concise and SEO-friendly for better rankings.


For more tips and resources on creating a successful blog, read this post.

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  1. Briony

    I always forget to link back to my old posts! Great tips. #blogstravaganza

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Briony. That is so so important – not just for smoother navigation for your readers but also great for your DA!

  2. The Tale of Mummyhood

    These are really great tips, I will be taking note! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Nicole

      Glad you found them helpful Zoe:)

  3. Tracey Bowden

    Great tips, I love reading posts like this. I am definitely working on my SEO more these days and have changed the style of my blog as I felt my previous posts weren’t my true voice. Hoping I’ve got it now though! #blogstravaganza

    1. Nicole

      Yeah we all start out a bit shaky, but with time soon find our true blogging voice. Good luck and thanks for reading.

  4. Five in the hive

    Thanks so much for this. As a fairly new blogger I’m after all the advice I can get. Definitely worth a read for me. #Blogstravaganza

    1. Nicole

      Glad you found it helpful?

  5. Ronald

    I follow all your tips. They really helped me alot.My writting has started getting better as i learn more from you.Once again – so thankful -I’m really feeling more knowledgeable on how to be successful at blogging. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.

    1. Nicole

      Glad you found the post useful. All the best.

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