Ways to make space when everyone’s home: Lockdown edition

When everyone feels on top of each other, family harmony can be hard to find. Accepting we’ve all got to spend more time at home right now, finding ways to organise the house or flat so everyone’s got their own space is on everyone’s minds.

We’ve got a few ideas, and hopefully some of them will make keeping things under control a bit easier.


Staying Organised

Things can get upside down very quickly when everyone is home at the same time. When you’re trying to corral lots of little things, storage furnishings in the living room can really help.

Think about end tables or coffee tables with drawers or shelves underneath, or if you have space go for a larger coffee table with a lift up lid. Even small drawers are useful for things like chargers, cables, remotes, batteries or games controllers when you’re tidying up your living area. You may not be able to get everyone to put things away, but even so it’s a quick job to flash round and gather everything when you have somewhere handy to put it all.

For favourite toys that stay in the living area, a toy box or chest is a good idea. Small children can get at the contents on their own (make sure any lids are safe for little fingers) and might even encourage them to pack away too. Well, you can live in hope!

If bedrooms are getting out of control, a smart yet economical idea is to put a craft storage tower in the bottom of the wardrobe. It’s very handy for folded clothes, shoes, or accessories. Since it’s tucked away out of sight it doesn’t really matter that it’s a basic, functional thing.


Flexible Storage and Space Ideas

Shelving all around the house is a big help with space making. We tend not to make the most of wall space, reserving it for pictures or mirrors, but a few nice shelves also help keep things organised as well as becoming display features.

When you’re working from home, or home-schooling children, a work area helps set the tone and focus minds. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated or totally isolated from the main room. 

Have a desk or table for the computer or laptop and use a bookcase to act as a room divider by turning it out from the wall. If it’s tall, so much the better, but even a standard sized unit can act as a barrier.

You can use the shelves for study or work materials as well as pens or pencils etc. It becomes a bespoke little workstation where anyone busy at the computer can have the feeling of privacy or purpose without being cut off from everyone else.

If this doesn’t go quite far enough, self-storage can help you make even more space by providing a secure place for furniture you’re not currently using. Whether you want to store a spare bed to make a home office in a bedroom or remove a large dining table to make room for one or more desks in the dining room, decluttering with self storage is an ideal solution. The short-term contracts make it a convenient option as you can change things when you need to.

Seasonal Storage

Work habits have changed for lots of us and might not go back to how they were before for quite a while. Adopting a seasonal approach to storage is a longer-term concept that might appeal. 

It revolves around using a self-storage room for anything you need but only use on a seasonal basis, then rotating items in and out of storage according to your needs. So, in winter, for instance, you can store all your summer garden furniture, and during the summer you can safely store winter sports equipment or all your heavy winter clothes and footwear. It’s also a handy place for luggage storage while you’re not using it.

When living space is at a premium and you want to make the most of what you have, it makes a lot of sense. Plus, a bonus is the way things brought out of storage somehow feel new and fresh again!

You do need to get a bit creative with how you use space sometimes, especially when you’re trying to squeeze a bit extra out of a fixed area. But it can be done. Occasionally all it takes is a dash of thinking outside the box and a bit of inspiration.


  1. Gude at Synsera Homes

    Great, easy to implement storage and organisation ideas, thank you for sharing!

    We have added a 5 minute tidy/organise time at the end of our home-school day which helps to get everything ship-shape again and ready to relax for the evening. I find the visual clutter mentally draining, so it’s definitely an act of self-care to make sure the house isn’t covered in bits of scrap paper and abandoned pens each day.

    1. Nicole

      Glad you liked the post and found it useful. I agree, visual clutter can leave you feeling drained over time, especially when you’re stuck indoors with the entire family during a lockdown! Having a little tidy-up and sorting at the end of the day sounds like a great idea.

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    1. Nicole

      Thank you. Glad you found it useful and are enjoying my site. Appreciate the comment:)

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