Valentine's Gift Guide for Her and Him (2019)

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Just as a picture speaks a thousand words, a thoughtful gift means a lot. Especially on a day like Valentine's day (which is pretty much non-existent when parenting takes over). But a little gift tells your partner that you still … Continued

As Mum, what's your ultimate Valentine's day wish?

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After motherhood, romance pretty much goes out of the window. And exhausted parents couldn't give a damn about Valentine's day, what with so many other days taking precedence (think kids' birthdays, World Book Day, first Nativity etc etc). But IF … Continued

A letter to my son on Valentine's Day…

It's Valentine's Day today. Not a day I particularly celebrate. Not because I have no-one to send those heart-shaped balloons to, but because it's well, kind of done and dusted now. The day, not my target of affection (hubster, incase … Continued

Love is in the air (or is it?)

Come February, and hearts, flowers and everything red jumps out at you, because Cupid's Day is just around the corner. But for me, Valentine's Day is a) over-hyped b) over-consumerised and c) under-rated… for Mums! Because while lovers/couples without children will … Continued