That Moment When…

Every new parent encounters these ‘moments’ at some point in their journey as new mums and dads. These aren’t just any moments, but moments that either stick on in the memory forever and ever, or, on the other hand, are … Continued

How to keep mum sane and toddler happy (a.k.a. tips for survival)

Parenting is super tough. Fun, yes. Amazing, yes. But also extremely challenging. When you are severely sleep deprived, existing on not much more than caffeine and paracetamols, and you are confronted with yet another tantrum, or a bowl of food on … Continued

The one-sided hide-and-seek game

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These days we're busy playing hide-and-seek. Literally. Little Man, Mummy and Daddy. Or when Daddy's at work, just Little Man and Mummy. It's a game we've all played when we were growing up, but I have to admit I've never played it like … Continued

What mums REALLY want on Mother's Day…

Happy Mother's Day to all us hard-working (I needn't have said that; being a mother implies you are hard-working!) mums. I know today isn't going to be all that different from yesterday, or the day before, or any day since … Continued

Have you been POP-ed by your toddler?

Remember the time at your cousin’s wedding when you proudly proclaimed that your toddler now knows the entire alphabet, only to hear him say ABCDHJLMNTX? Or the time when you told your guests he can sing the entire Twinkle Twinkle … Continued

The Mornin' Cuppa

For a mum of a newborn/toddler, there are two sides to the Tale of the Mornin’ Cuppa. It can either be the most looked-forward-to moment of the day, or one that is nothing more than a distant dream. That first … Continued

CEO Mum! (That's Chief EXTENSIVE Officer)

Mums do the toughest job. Ever. Keeping baby safe inside you for nine months and then churning out sounds and expletives you never knew could come out of your mouth while bringing said baby into the world is the easy part (something … Continued

The New Mum’s Handy Inventions Wish list

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Since becoming a mum, I’ve seen a range of baby products / accessories/ contraptions. Some extremely smart, most practical and a few outright weird! Even absolutely unnecessary (kudos to the advertising and marketing gurus of the booming baby industry). But during those endless hours … Continued

The emotional rollercoaster called Motherhood…

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I’m missing Little Man. A lot. So I pick up my phone and see some of his photos. And videos. I laugh aloud at the one where he’s parading around the house with his Ninja Turtle towel on his head, like a cape. I … Continued