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New York City –  The Big Apple. A city known the world over for its culture, it’s sprawling size and being the literal definition of a concrete jungle. There are many things to do of interest in NYC, but if you visit, we’d recommend going big. New York (if you’re not a local) is usually a city you’d want to visit for a week or weekend of adventure, exploring the shopping districts, eating the real food and getting in touch with the huge scenes there. There are many things you might enjoy doing there, and any list simply categorizing all of the important things on offer here will never be complete, unless they have as many numerical listings as Google has webpages.

We’re going to condense this list into three amazing things to do in NYC, perfect if taking a partner there this New Years to celebrate the arrival of 2018.

Lunch At Gordon Ramsay’s

On Time Square there sits Gordon Ramsay’s famous restaurant at The London. Ramsay is best noted for his widely spanning television shows, including Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, Masterchef, The F Wood and many others under his belt. If you’re hoping for a premium dining experience, this is the place to do it. There is a waiting list, but it’s not objectional enough to render the experience less than worthwhile. Offering some of the best steaks, lamb shanks and other assorted vegan-friendly foods, lunch at Ramsay’s is sure to offer you some of the best food you have ever eaten, even if it does come at a premium.


When finding a hotel in NYC, it can be difficult to choose. There are many yes, but not enough offer an escape from the concrete jungle that you might be desiring after a long stint shopping. It’s important to find a hotel which offers real and conclusive separation from the rest of the city. The Park On Main fills this requirement with flying colours, not only offering a premium and 24-hour experience, but includes amenities for everyone, and takes inspiration from central park with designed and peaceful garden terraces. If you’re looking to simply unwind and relax after a crazy day on the streets, this is the best place to collect yourself by far.

The Comedy Cellar

While this club is humble and the overall aesthetic is nothing to shout about, you can be sure that a visit here will be rewarded justly. Famous for some of the biggest comedians in the world attending, such as Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Ari Shaffir, Joey Diaz, Duncan Trussell among others, what this cellar is surely lacking in size and decor it replaces with in pure, unadulterated hilarious content. The best way to overcome all the stresses of shopping and eating too much is to keep a full, honest and deep belly laugh. This venue offers plenty of those, along with some excellent artisan drinks.

If you’re looking for a riot of a time, potentially laughing at yourself, your partner and of course the jokes being told from the stage, this place is absolutely worth your time.

These three things can help you experience a wonderful first day in NYC. From there, the city is your oyster.

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