Mumspeak #9: What’s your biggest parenting goof-up?!


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Goof-ups, we all make them as parents. Whether it’s forgetting it’s dress-up day at your child’s school or forgetting your child at the supermarket (it happens, folks!), we’ve all been there in one way or another. Blame it on good ol’ Mummy Brain or just on the fact that we have far too many things to remember/ do, but goof-ups happen. And it’s ok… we’re human beings after all (we’re also supermums, but superheroes have their faults too right?).

So 10 sporting blogging mamas who have lived to tell the tale share their parenting goof-ups – have a chuckle, but remember,  it could’ve been you!



Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family

Oh dear, I was once pushing my daughter around Asda in a trolley when I stopped to look at something. I somehow moved away from my trolley and when I turned back around I started pushing another trolley with someone else’s child in! I got a good way down the aisle before the mother noticed – moral to that story: do not get distracted and use your phone when you’re pushing a trolley!

Kate from Ever After With Kids

Never being able to tell anyone how old my child is – when people ask my mind just goes completely blank every single time. I look bananas.

Georgina from Gee Gardner

I had my eldest dress up as Horrid Henry for World Book Day. Back combed hair, the lot. Except we were a day early…

Victoria from Lylia Rose

Several times I’ve hung lots of shopping off the back of the pram, got home and let go to unlock the door totally forgetting and whoooops! The whole pram has tipped up backwards from the weight crashing to the floor squishing the shopping and scaring my toddler!

Beth from Twinderelmo

Not being able to tell which of my twin daughters was which when they did a class assembly!

Jeannette from Autism Mumma

Mine would be taking my daughter to a hospital appointment a day early! Only last August and she’s nearly 14 so very very aware of my “fail”! I was having an op ten days after that so was a little bit stressed. And then I had to take her back in the next day for the appointment.

Victoria from The Growing Mum

Having to use my scarf as an extra layer for the little one as I forgot his coat. I did get weird looks from people.

Ayse from Arepops

I spent a whole day trying to remember what time my daughter was born. I asked my other half and he said a completely different time to what I thought! We’re both as bad as each other (although to be fair I was right).

Janet from Falcondale Life

I can hardly believe myself. I had my youngest on my shoulders to see Father Christmas go past on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. I let go to pick up my eldest and she fell off onto the grass. A few hundred people looked at me in horror. She was cross but didn’t cry which was a miracle. A soft landing. I totally overestimated my kid juggling skills. Sometimes I wake up in the night remembering this!

Kate from The Mum Conundrum

For me, it’s remembering the many many items on the school events calendar. Within the course of a week I have forgotten to send my kids in wearing sportswear for sports relief (had to do school run round two, bringing bags of clothes for them so they weren’t the odd ones out) and I sent my son in to school without his Easter bonnet which I forgot all about until 20 minutes before home time. I’m *that* mum. The guilt is terrible!


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  1. Victoria Sully

    I definitely blame baby brain, which I now refer to as mum brain… it won’t go away!! 😛

    1. Nicole

      Yes baby brain eventually becomes Mum Brain because we have a thousand things to remember each day! Thanks for contributing:)

  2. Kerry Thomas

    What a great blog post. I have nearly gone out in my slippers, my pj top as I’ve been interrupted half way through getting dressed. I’ve put juice in my tea. It’s hard work when you’ve had no sleep. My little one has just started nursery, she’s three and already they have had a letter home, to go in all dressed up. Wish me luck on getting her dressed that morning. Ha #itsok x

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for your comment Kerry… and yes, you’re so right, we’re all in this together, mum brains and all! And arghhhh, don’t even get me started on the dress-up days and this day and that day!!! As if we don’t have enough on our plates?!

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