Mumspeak #4: Why do mums blog?

Why Do Mums Blog

It’s back-to-school time for most of us around the globe. Kids in school = more time for us mums to blog. Which got me thinking: why do we mums enjoy blogging so much? What is it that drives us to write about our motherhood experiences? Why do we burn the midnight oil blogging about our baby’s poo or toddler’s tantrum, when we could be sleeping instead?

Why Do Mums Blog


So I put forth the question to mums across the globe – and the answers ranged from re-finding themselves through blogging; overcoming post-natal depression through writing; helping them document their child’s growing-up years and lots more. So jump onto the bandwagon and enjoy the read.

As for me, why do I blog? It’s all here, in my post  Why Mums Like Me Blog


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Elizabeth from The Homemaker’s Journal

A great part of its success must be down to the fact that blogging fits the shape of women’s lives. At home with small children? Blogging is a breath snatched during nap-time, or the blessed CBeebies break; there’s no need to leave the house – or even change out of pyjamas – to have your say. For women who work outside the home, meanwhile, it can provide a sliver of personal space in a day spent swivel-eyed with the effort of balancing the demands of work and home. Moreover, blogs have become the go-to resource for anyone wanting to develop their skills, or try their hand at something new – and they’re rapidly pushing more established sources of ‘expertise’ out of the market. Additionally, big brands want to hear from us. We’re far more likely to buy a product recommended by a blog than on Twitter or Facebook; consequently, brands are keener than ever to forge relationships with parent bloggers.

Nadia from Apparently This Is Normal

Why do mums blog? Well one of my readers answered this question when she asked me if writing my blog was my therapy. And the more I think about it, the more I agree. My very first blog post was a therapeutic one, when I finally felt I could share something about being a mother that I’d had on my mind for a long time. And since then, the blog has evolved into blogging about life, relationships, friendships and common feelings we all have but don’t often share. It has to be my therapy – a way of getting things off my chest. And by doing so, I hope others can relate in the same way.

Jo from Cup of Toast

I blog to carve a little bit of me back into my day, my week, my month. I started my blog because I love to write, and I was looking for some space to document my thoughts, ideas and interests. What I’ve found is a brilliant community of supportive and encouraging individuals, alongside somewhere to enjoy my passion for writing. My blog has evolved into a place that I can write about anything and everything, and find the voice that can be so easily hushed by the overhead noise of everyday life.

Fern from Mumconventional

I started my blog and carried it on mainly because of the looks I get in the street when people see me with a baby. I am 22 but look younger, and it still shocks people, I don’t know why. I like to write so other young mums can see that they aren’t alone, and also to prove that I am actually just the same as every other mum out there, regardless of my age. It is also a fantastic escape, and I don’t care who reads it, as it is the process of jotting down my thoughts that I enjoy the most.

Kate from Kate on Thin Ice

I blog because my late Mum thought writing out my thoughts and feelings would help me get over post-natal depression. I had no idea it would also lead to heartfelt friendships, brand work and income and if I am honest the connection with others still means the most to me.

Claire from Bumps Babies Tots and Teens Mummy Diaries

I’m a mum of 5. I blog because I know motherhood is daunting. It doesn’t come with a manual. That a lot of mums wonder if ‘they’re doing it right’ or ‘is this normal?’. I write my blog to try and encourage and give other mums help and advice as well as giving them confidence and a positive attitude. To let them know that they aren’t alone.

Lily from Finding Balance.Mom

Blogging is among the best things I’ve ever done. After all, nothing else gives you a voice that millions (hundreds for me, got to be honest baby) of people can connect to. I first started to blog so I could share answers to questions I knew other moms had, because I’d spent hours searching for those answers myself. I wanted to tell the world that I’m a perfectly imperfect mom. Recently, a precious friend lost a daughter and I found blogging about it a way to share with her how I really felt. A mother has more tales to tell than Shakespeare could ever dream, and so many records to keep – and blogging is the perfect way to do both.

Aesha from About Parent and Kid

I actually started blogging to share my parenting experiences and also to take help from others parents when I face certain parenting challenges. Sometimes I face dilemma of whether I am doing it right but I don’t want to discuss it with family and friends , maybe because there is a fear of being judged by people who know you too well. So I pose the question to others through my blog. It has helped me immensely

Autumn from The Parenting Program

My husband and I blog about and coach parents to have a better life, both with their partner and their children. We blog because we want to make a parent’s life easier. It’s hard being a parent, spouse, and your own boss. If the foundation for your family isn’t strong and couples are not on the same page, obviously your family life isn’t going to run as smooth as it should.  We also find time and time again parents are having the same struggles. Secondly, most parenting books try to fit kids in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Again, the problems might be the same but every child is different so each solution has to be unique.

Crystal from The Messy Truth of Mommyhood

I started blogging at the suggestion of my therapist. I’m dealing with postpartum depression, and she suggested blogging might help me sort through my feelings. It’s also a way for me to record my feelings about my daughter and my parenting journey. My plan is to share it with her down the road.


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  1. Lily | Fit to Nurture

    Thanks for featuring me with these wonderful ladies Nicole! I found some amazing blogs to follow.

    The consensus is that blogging is therapeutic and I totally agree. I’m also grateful for the side income, and opportunity to touch lives.

    Thanks again Nicole.

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for contributing Lily… and all the best with your blog. Blogging indeed is therapeutic.

  2. Cath Whittaker

    It’s great to read why other parents blog top ❤ everyone has Such a different journey ?

    1. Nicole

      True, it is indeed interesting to read how so many bloggers started their blogging journey…

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