Kitchen Gadgets that make Mums' Lives Easier

Earlier this week I wrote about the 5 Must-Haves in Every Mum's Kitchen; gadgets and other things that mums must have at hand in the kitchen, to make the time spent in there as less and quick as possible (so she can spend more time with her children/ doing the laundry and hundred other chores/ get some me-time if possible/ blog).

Today, I'm taking off from that post and presenting some more kitchen gadgets that make life in the kitchen so much smoother. These might not be 'essentials' but if you do have them around, they can be oh-so-useful, making tasks so much quicker and simpler.

1. Juicer

Every mum knows that every kid loves juice. And it's not so economical or healthy to consume store-bought sugar-filled juices all the time, so why not invest in a good juicer that gives you fresh juice whenever you want. Juicers by Panasonic are ideal, and make lovely, healthy juices for the entire family.

2. Toastie maker

Again, not an essential, but makes a lovely snack or a quick and nutritious lunch/ dinner. Or even a fun meal for fussy eaters (plus you can hide some veggies in too). Sandwiches can sometimes get boring or monotonous, but when toasted in a toastie maker they become so much more delicious.



3. Ceramic Egg Cooker

This is my personal favourite. I was gifted this ceramic egg cooker and it has revolutionised my mornings! No more standing by the stove and stirring scrambled eggs so they don't stick – instead, I just toss the raw eggs into this little pot, add whatever else I want (tomatoes, garlic, spinach) and pop it in the microwave. Breakfast is served within minutes.

4. Apple slicer

I know a lot of mums who absolutely HATE cutting apples. Yes, I kid you not but it is a common kitchen pet-peeve. And apples are the most convenient, non-messy and healthy snack to give a toddler/ child. Perfect for lunch-boxes too. So the apple slicer can be a real boon to those mums who love apples but don't like cutting them. Perfect uniform slices with just one push!



5. Avocado slicer

Avocados are a genuine pain to peel and de-seed. But the avocado slicer makes it so simple. Another reason to get eating those nutritious avocados.

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Do you have any kitchen gadgets/ appliances that you just can't live without? Or that make life in the kitchen so much easier? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

This is a collaborative post.

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