Freshen up with Adagio Teas: Review

It is no secret that I love my cup of tea (and sometimes, when it’s been a way-too-early start) my coffee. So when I was asked to review Adagio Teas range of teas, I could not say no – I’m always up for a cuppa, and love trying out different brands and varieties.

I’ll be honest here – I hadn’t heard of them before, nor had I seen their range on supermarket shelves (that could probably be because of the fact that I’m always rushing around the supermarket, list in one hand and often, distracting Little Man from the biscuit and crisps isles). So I was all the more intrigued.

I asked to review their English Breakfast (my staple in the mornings), Masala Chai (I love a bit of spice in my tea every once in a while) and Jasmine Green Tea (my go-to at night, when I’m working on my blog or watching telly after Little Man has gone to bed). But the sweet folks at Adagio Teas sent me a whole load of other flavoured teas to try out too, so here’s what I thought about them.



Black Teas/ Chai Teas

The English Breakfast is perfect for that morning cuppa, while the Masala Chai is a great pick-me-up for the afternoon. ‘Masala‘ means ‘a blend of spices’, and this one is a blend of premium Ceylon black tea and cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. It’s not as ‘spicy’ as some of the traditional masala chais I’ve had growing up in India, but if you like it stronger (like me), just infuse it for a little longer to get that refreshing and tasty flavour.

Flavoured Green Teas/ Herbal Teas

Their flavoured green/ herbal teas were my favourite – I was lucky to sample a variety of flavours including Fruit Sangria (a sweet mix of strawberry, wild cherry, hibiscus flowers, apples and rose hips), Citrus GreenFoxtrot (a herbal cocktail of Egyptian chamomile, South African rooibos (with a touch of vanilla) and fresh peppermint), Green Popcorn (a classic Japanese green tea blended with toasted, popped rice) and Dragonwell (which has a different kind of toasty, nutty flavour – very unusual).

If you’re a mint lover (like me), then their Peppermint herbal tea is perfect – made from pure peppermint and nothing else, it lends a deep peppermint flavour that instantly refreshes you.

If you can’t decide which of these lovely flavours to choose, or want a sip of more than one, then their assortment Juicy Slices box is the perfect solution.

And then some more…

There are also a number of white teas like Silver Needle and Blueberry White Tea, Oolong teas like Peach Oolong (also makes a delicious iced-tea for the summer), Matcha teas, Decaf teas and more. Their gifts section has a selection of assorted tea samplers, seasonal teas as well as loose leaf and teabag teas – making for the perfect gift for a tea-lover!



I asked for the teabags simply because that’s what we use (just so convenient). However, what I especially liked about them were their large pyramid shape which provides ample room for the expansion of the large leaves during infusion. Moreover, each teabag is individually wrapped in a foil envelope to preserve freshness (and it makes it convenient to travel with as well).


Tea Makers and Accessories

And last but not the least, besides their delicious teas, Adagio also have a lovely range of teaware that includes ceramics, cast iron, tea makers and tea accessories. This elegantly simple orange ceramic teapot and matching porcelain cups are both practical and perfect to brighten up my mornings. The teapot has a large infuser basket that provides ample room for loose tea leaves to unfurl, resulting in a perfectly infused, more flavourful cup.



There is also a cup with infuser available, which makes it easy to have the perfect cuppa anytime, anywhere. This set comprises a cup with a lid (that doubles up as a coaster) and a stainless steel infuser. Perfect for keeping on your office desk!


Disclosure: I was sent the products to review; but as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

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