Choosing the professional you need in just a few clicks: Bidvine Review

As a mum, I find that I never have enough time. If I’m not ferrying Little Man to school/ playdates/ swimming lessons, I’m sat entertaining him at home. Then there’s housework and cooking and laundry. My blog takes up all the free time I get. So when I chance upon a cheat-sheet or an opportunity to do things in a quicker manner, I’m all game.

Which is why Bidvine is perfect for me – and will be for you if you value your time. Bidvine is a UK-based local services  tech startup and the easiest way to find professionals from photographers to painters and decorators to piano teachers online!


Now when it comes to researching something, I am very, very particular. I need to be sure that the product or service I am purchasing is nothing less than perfect, and that can take a LOT of time. But with this magical online service, I’m just a few clicks away from getting the professional I need. As their tagline states, it makes hiring trusted local service professionals ridiculously simple!

So, here’s how it works.


Choose the service you are looking for and type in your postcode. I chose Domestic Cleaning (that takes up a huge chunk of my time).


Involves answering a few questions that are specific to the type of service you need to ensure you get the right person for the job. Below are the questions I answered (to give you an idea of how particular the search is).

How many bedrooms are in your home?

How many bathrooms are in your home?

How long do you need your cleaner to stay?

How often would you like your house cleaned?

What kind of cleaning service would you like?

Do you want the cleaner to provide the cleaning materials?

Which additional services do you need, if any?
Examples include laundry, refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning  etc (There is an option to skip this question)

Are there any cats or dogs in your home?

What days are you available?

What times are best for you? (There are time slots from early morning to late evening)

Anything else the domestic cleaner needs to know?

Enter an email address to send new bids

And then submit your request


Create an account so that the professionals can contact you with their responses via Bidvine.


The questions help the pros better understand what you need and allow them to give a more accurate bid estimate. Bidvine then sends your request to matching professionals and you usually get your first bid within hours. This way you can compare multiple bids as well as company profiles and reviews.



So would I recommend Bidvine to you? – Definitely!

Would I use the service again? – Absolutely!

Three things I like about it
It’s quick, I get a database of all the local professionals and I can compare and choose the one that best suits me, and the best part, Bidvine does all the hard work for me!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Sam | North East Family Fun Blog

    This looks like such a simple service – I like personal recommendations but sometimes those people are booked up or nobody has anyone to recommend! That’s when something like Bivine would be super handy x

    1. Nicole

      Very true… plus you still have all the local options in front of you to compare!

  2. shanna

    Oh it sounds lovely! I’m in the US, so it’s not an option for me, but if you catch their ear, tell them to head over and open up services here!

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, will pass the comment on to them for sure:)

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