Adventures in Potty Training – Part II

As I mentioned, our potty training journey hasn’t been one of those quick, trained-in-less-than-a-week kind of stories. It’s ongoing. And long. And while it is tedious and quite boring, there are moments that make it quite light too. That make me laugh despite the messes.


The funniest incident so far has got to be this one, when Potty Train and Mummy Brain led to a massive poo disaster! Read all about it here.

Then there are all the hilarious things Little Man has said.

Like the time he had an accident in his Postman Pat underwear and I told him: ‘Poor Postman Pat, you peed all over him!’
To which he replied, with genuine sadness: ‘Sorry Postman Pat, for making you wet!’

And the time I got a stench so horrid, I knew my son had done a big job. So I asked him: ‘Why didn’t you tell Mummy you were feeling potty? We could have gone to the loo’
The classic (but innocent) answer to which was: ‘But it already came out!’

Another time I got another horrible stink (serious, what do I feed this kid?!!!) I asked: ‘Have you done a potty?’
‘No Mummy, it was just a farty… a BIG one’ (and, in all seriousness, he put his hands apart to specify BIG). Smile.

Then there was the funny – but also verrrrry scary – incident when Little Man managed to get his head stuck in the potty!


Much better the bum in the potty than the head!

I’m sure there will be more wisecracks and one-liners as we go on, and I promise to update them here. Meanwhile, what funny things has your toddler said, in relation to poo-ing and pee-ing? Share the stench and the giggles! We all need a laugh:)

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