Adventures in Potty Training – Part I

I posted Potty Train + Mummy Brain = Disaster last week, and received a lot of different responses – ranging from laughter to sympathy to empathy. So I decided I should start a mini-series on Potty Training (the BIG change in both toddler and mum’s lives) – bits and bobs that I’m learning about this ‘adventure’, tips I’ve gathered from here, there, everywhere, experts and other mums and of course, the hilarious tales of accidents, mishaps and messes. No, this isn’t a ‘guide’ on how to potty train (more on how not to potty train, with Little Man taking forever) but more a li’l collection of potty training anecdotes. Ok, and a few (but extremely useful) tips.

So, Little Man isn’t potty trained yet. Well, not a 100 per cent. But we’ve started the journey and (touching all the wood I can get my hands on) it’s finally going somewhere! I admit it’s taken longer than I would have liked and I also admit I started a couple of months ago, but that was met with limited success. And interrupted by a loooooong vacation. But this time, it’s for real (I have no-nappy dreams often nowadays).


Thomas has invaded our loo, too!

Question for all you mums whose kids have been there, done that: is it weird to say that my son is half potty trained? I mean, does it sound completely insane? But here’s what I mean: He’s good with visits to the loo at nursery (aren’t they always?!) and now does do his wees in the toilet at home (doesn’t always tell me and must be bribed with rewards/ pleaded/ threatened with no TV to go) but the job gets done. But he point blank refuses to do his poos on the loo! Checks for a nappy, asks for one, otherwise doesn’t do the job. Oh, and yes, I still have to take the brave step of taking him out without nappies. So well, I tell everyone he’s half potty trained!


What goes in must come out: Little Man in the early stages of Potty Training

That’s my side of the story… the Potty Training Journey as I call it. For further adventures and some giggles, read Adventures in Potty Training – Part II – all about Little Man’s hilarious potty-related anecdotes!

Also, don’t forget to check out Adventures in Potty Training – Part III (Useful Tips) where I share things/tips I learned/ am learning along the way…

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