5 different family summer holiday ideas to try this year

There’s a lot to think about when you get around to planning your family holiday for summer. When shall we go? Where? What shall we do? Usually this results in a quick internet search for somewhere warm with enough beds for all of you, often a hotel or cottage in Spain or France. But why not do something a little bit different and a lot more exciting this year? These five ideas could be just what you need…

Campervan Adventures

Camping can be good fun but there’s always the hazard of rain putting a real dampener on it. With a campervan this is less of an issue plus you have the freedom to travel as far as you like with everything in one place. Buying a campervan can be quite expensive so you may want to consider renting or purchasing a second-hand model to do up. With the right campervan accessories and a bit of hard work you can turn any old van into your mobile home for a week or two.


Set Sail on a Barge

If you want to get off dry land but don’t fancy a cruise, then a barge holiday could be ideal. Spend a week or longer sailing down a canal, taking your own time to stop off at places en route. There are no time constraints so you can take as long as you want to explore towns and villages you come across. The kids can pretend they’re pirates, with mum or dad as the captain, with options to set sail from a local location or go overseas.

Volunteer with Animals

Do you and/or your family have a love for turtles, monkeys or another specific animal? There are all sorts of volunteering wildlife holidays that are suitable for families across the world. Turtles or lizards probably offer the best options for small children, where tasks involve helping babies hatch and ensuring their nests aren’t disrupted. Those with older children may prefer to work with big cats or elephants, whichever one you choose it will be a fully rewarding experience that should teach everyone a thing or two about nature as well.

Walking Holidays

Holidays don’t always have to be about over indulging yourself and lounging around in the sun. A healthy choice could be to head out on a walking holiday. There are guided ones available across the world, whether you fancy hiking through Scandinavian woods, trekking with a donkey across France or simply exploring the Yorkshire Dales. Alternatively, plan your own route and set off with a tent or B&Bs booked in along the route.

Converted Accommodation

Cottages, self-catering accommodations, log cabins and hotels can get a bit dull after a while. Thankfully there’s plenty of weird and wonderful holiday accommodation available, from a converted lighthouse to windmills, railway carriages, signal boxes and much more. It adds a bit of intrigue to the holiday and a unique base to return to from all your activities. 

Whether you follow one of these ideas or not, hopefully it has provided some inspiration to try something different this summer.  

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  1. Caroline

    Fantastic post, really inspiring me to plan an improtu break. My vote goes for the camper van!

    1. Nicole

      Go for it Caroline! Camper van holidays are so much fun:)

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